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Tube Mastermind + Traffic Authority OTO

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In 6 Simple Steps, Copy The Secrets Behind A YouTube Channel Making $10,531 A Month...
Discover the exact steps to generating a full time income online doing something you LOVE to do.

Here’s What You Will Get Inside Tube Mastermind :

NICHE DISCOVERY – Tap into your passions and discover hidden niches to build your YouTube channel around.

   Learn how to tap into your passions and generate an income from them.
   Discover how to find money making niches with little competition .

VIDEO CREATION – Learn how to create professional looking YouTube videos on a low budget.

   You’ll gain access to industry standard video production strategies.
   Discover how to come up with unlimited video ideas for your channel.

CHANNEL BRANDING – Follow me as I set up and customize a YouTube channel based around my passion.

   You’ll learn the right way to setting up your own YouTube channel.
   Gain access to customizable channel branding to stand out from the crowd.

PUBLISHING – I’ll show you how to optimize and upload your videos to increase rankings.

   Follow me as I publish a video to my channel.
   Discover the optimization strategies used to gain an advantage in the search results.

PROMOTIONAL STRATEGIES – Promotional strategies used by successful YouTubers to increase views & subscribers.

   How to promote your videos and channel on and off YouTube.
   Learn how to tap into YouTube Ad’s to generate views and subscribers for cheap.

MONETIZATION – Generate a passive income from your YouTube channels by utilizing the money funnel.

   Discover the $1 per subscriber per month formula for maximum passive income.
   Learn multiple monetization strategies to grow your channel and increase revenue.

Tube Mastermind Bonuses :

   BONUS #1: OUTSOURCER’S GUIDE TO VIDEO – If you believe you don’t have what it takes to become a YouTuber, but you still want in on $10,000+ a month then this additional video training is for you. Fear being on video? I’ve got you covered.

   BONUS #2: THE ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ MODULE – This is a hidden module we we’re initially going to hold back and sell as individual training. You’ll discover behind the scenes plans and strategies of a 6 figure YouTube channel, which you can simply copy and tailor to your own channel.

   BONUS #3: EYE CATCHING CHANNEL ART – Making your channel look engaging and professional often takes time and money. So as a bonus, we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on some customizable channel art that you can simply save, edit and use for your own channels.

   BONUS #4: ON THE GO AUDIO TRAINING – You probably lead a busy life, so we’ve uploaded audio training for every module which you can simply download and listen to on the go. Learn the 6 stage process wherever you want, whenever you want…



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