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T-SHIRT Riches - Cartess Ross

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“Get Access to World Class Training, Resources, Tools and Support for Starting, Launching and Building a Profitable T-shirt Business”
How would you like to get all of the help you need to start, launch and build your own t-shirt business?

   What if … you could ask all the questions you wanted — and got feedback?
   What if … you got help writing up your t-shirt business plan?
   What if … you got help coming up with a collection for your t-shirts?
   What if … I showed you how to get graphic designers to create your ideas for pennies on the dollar?
   What if … I shared my wholesale vendors and suppliers?
   What if … you could listen to a trademark attorney and get advice on how to best protect your brand?
   What if … I showed you how to market and advertise your t-shirt business?
   What if … I showed you how to properly price your t-shirts?
   What if … I showed you how to get a business license and sales tax ID so you can buy wholesale?

Well… I can show you how to do this and a whole lot more…. I’ve put together an exclusive club for entrepreneurs and start-ups wanting to learn how to start and build their own t-shirt business.

I used to sell this program for $600.00 but that kept it out of reach for most people… I’ve since decided to repackage and add MORE training to my program and I’ve even made it cheaper so anybody can get in.

The ability for you to ask anything you want about starting a t-shirt business, along with getting real feedback from an actual person, makes enrollment into this membership a no-brainer.

My name is Cartess Ross and I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of t-shirts to clients all over the world and I’d love the opportunity to help you build something you can truly call your own.

As a member of our TshirtRiches CORE Membership, you get unlimited access to my team to ask all the questions you want via our online support system. Either myself, or my team members will respond to any and all questions you have.
In addition, you’ll get access to over 55 lessons
and over 18-hours of lectures & online video tutorials

As a member, you get access to the following training — all taught by me, Cartess Ross!

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