Sovereign Man Emergency Offshore Financial Survival Kit

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Sovereign Man - Emergency Offshore Financial Survival Kit

This supplemental to the Sovereign Man Offshore Workshop torrent. My internet having trouble so patient until it get on seed servers.


Exactly What Was Covered at this Never-To-Be-Repeated Offshore Workshop…

Framing the Problems and Solutions: I set the stage with a video overview of the sovereign challenges we all face and the solutions presented at the Workshop.

“The most valuable information was about the HIRE Act and the restrictions the SEC puts on my investments if I use a US brokerage house. Also the tools I need to think strategically about where my businesses are incorporated, what currency I work in, and how to create barriers from frivolous lawsuits.”

Offshore Trusts for Estate Planning and Asset Protection: a detailed look at why an offshore trust may be the most rock-solid asset protection and
estate planning vehicle you could have.

Expert Panel Discussions on:

Asset Protection & Estate Planning


Residency & Citizenship (obtaining a 2nd passport)



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