Kris Kirschner AutoPilot Real Estate

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Within his first 24 months in real estate, Kris created a buying,
selling and holding machine doing 6-10 houses per month! After
struggling from UPS driver to the top of the corporate ladder, Kris
realized the hard work and long hours were never going to give him the
financial and personal freedom he desired.

He left the corporate world behind and never looked back. His system
will do for you what you cannot do for yourself and catapult your
business to the next level!

Kris has a passion for teaching others how to create wealth in a very
short time. In addition to teaching seminars, his new company (Auto
Pilot Systems, Inc.) offers boot camps, home study courses, and
step-by-step systems for Buying and Selling Houses on Auto Pilot.

Autopilot System for Wholesaling houses
Autopilot System Sales Training
5 Steps to Selling Houses On Autopilot
5 Steps to Buying Houses on Auto Pilot
Using Private Money
Land Trusts
Private Lending



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