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Greatest Hits Mastermind By Affplaybook

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This mastermind is going to be a 1 day intensive online workshop. Here's some of what you'll learn:

Promoting the weight loss niche with PPV traffic

Learn how to tackle the massive amount of traffic in the weight loss niche. You'll see specific landing pages and campaign details I use to drive massive profits.

Promoting physical products with PPC traffic

Learn how you can build profitable, stable campaigns promoting physical products with PPC traffic. You'll learn how to build an army of these campaigns to keep your affiliate income stable and growing for years to come. You can also use this information to drive traffic to your ecommerce sites. You'll learn about ecommerce in this mastermind too!

Mobile list building

Have you ever wanted to use mobile traffic to build a massive email list? This part of the mastermind will show you exactly how to do that. Find out what style of landing pages to use, what niches to go after, and and what traffic you should target. Mobile traffic can be a great way to build a list you can market to over and over.


Find out how you can automate your business to save time and money.
You'll learn through specific examples what you can automate and how to
do it. This will leave your head spinning with ideas of how you can
simplify and streamline your own business.

Mobile tracking and optimization

Learn the ins and outs of tracking mobile traffic. Find out how you should be tracking mobile and the common mistakes to avoid.

Ecommerce and Dropshipping

Learn how you can profit from ecommerce, dropshipping, and importing
products. Find out what products have the greatest potential for profit
and where you should be focusing your efforts.



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