[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly August 20 2017

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly - August 13 2017

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Ready for the Bigger Market Downturn Ahead

Looks like events are playing out as we expected.

I’ve been calling for a market downturn for a while, as you all know, so Thursday’s big sell-off probably didn’t come as a huge surprise to you.

In fact, last week, I recommended that you consider buying our Grizzly Short Fund (Nasdaq: GRZZX) if you hadn’t already.

It’s a position that’s going to benefit as the broader market heads down — so if you’re well-positioned in this already, congratulations. You’re being smart and managing your portfolio in a way that will let you rest easy no matter what the market is doing.

That’s the best thing an investor can do.

Now, this recent sell-off begs a question: Why is the market headed down?

My years as a financial reporter tell me not to pay attention to the mainstream media headlines. Things are never that simple. So today, I pull back the curtain and give a little explanation on what I think is happening.

I also look at our holdings, including:

The situation with gold and our miner, Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE: WPM), which is struggling a bit. That’s why we moved the trailing stop price up to $18 — we’re staying on the safe side.
We also have another gold-correlated position — Guggenheim Currencyshares Japanese Yen (NYSE: FXY) — which has hit its highest price since April.

I then cover recent movement in our regulated water utility, Companhia de Saneamento Basico (NYSE: SBS). I believe this stock is set to soar as I explained in your last recommendation (which you can read here). I always like to protect our positions, though. It’s part of my trading strategy: to always be prepared. So we added a trailing stop at $8.50 last week.

Lastly, I touch on Vestas Wind Systems (OTC: VWDRY). Its earnings report was less than what Wall Street expected, so shares have declined a bit. But this is a strong position that is still up about 40%.



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