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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] T. W. Anderson - The Expat Guidebook: How to Travel the World without a Budget and Live Anywhere!

This is a BHT Exclusive. Sharing this off-site will get your account banned for life.

There's a lot of great resources and tips in this without any hype or bullshit. Exactly my style. I've been doing this kind of thing for years off and on and he's basically telling it exactly like it is. I do things a bit different, especially with a home base, however, structure and strategy is on the spot. Ignore the 2013 publishing date, this is all relevant now and much of it is evergreen anyway.

If you want some ideas on how to structure your life and businesses (yes, plural) to make it easier to move around and explore... start with this book. And definitely keep an eye out for the other regular exclusives like International Living, which goes right along with this kind of info. - NonConformer

Sales Page: http://www.marginalboundaries.com/immersion-travel/the-expat-guidebook/

The Expat Guidebook is a 568-page eBook that goes behind the scenes of the expat lifestyle, complete with a laid-out map of how to achieve a life of absolute creative and financial freedom via full time travel or location independence, in any corner of the world that you want to call home.

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This isn’t a book about backpacking, living on X dollars per day, being an international vagabond or living in bug-ridden hostels with no hot water or  CouchSurfing and budget-traveling on bread-crumbs. This is a book for professionally-minded people who want to establish themselves as independent global citizens utilizing the power of the Internet, social media, joint ventures and lifestyle management to achieve a life of absolute freedom free of The Matrix.

Interview with author:

Tucked away within the digital pages you’ll find information on:

   Setting up residency in countries around the world

   How to provide proof of income to governments even if you don’t necessarily meet their income requirements

   How to avoid paying outrageous prices on air-fare and round-trip tickets

   Tax havens, international investments, real-estate and mortgages abroad

   Cultural immersion and language immersion

   Secondary residencies and passports

   The benefits of immersion travel versus backpacking

   How to live like a local in countries around the world where you can utilize local costs of living to drop your monthly bills from $2,500 – $3,000 a month down to $600 – $800 a month. All while maintaining your exact same standards of living , creature comforts, modern amenities, first-class healthcare and beyond

   Hundreds of links to other resources you can utilize to get your location independent lifestyle as an international citizen started right now

If you are someone who appreciates the finer things in life and wants to achieve a life of absolute freedom with first world living conditions at third world rates, complete with all the creature comforts and modern amenities, The Expat Guidebook is the perfect addition to your collection.

No matter if you are a first-timer who is just starting out on the road, a pensioner who hasn’t ever really traveled before but needs to find a place to establish a home where their pension can allow them to flourish rather than live in poverty, or a veteran traveler who is just looking for some alternative advice and tips to add to their collection, this is the perfect resource for all levels of expats.



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