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Sovereign Society Total Wealth Insider Newsletter - January 2018 Edition

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2 Retail Stocks About to Crush Wall Street

The “end times” are nigh.

At least, that’s the expectation among investors when it comes to the brick-and-mortar store chains that once dominated the world of retail. Search for “retail apocalypse” on Google, and you’ll come up with nearly 1 million hits.

The “death of retail” is upon us, it seems. And at the center of it all is Amazon.

That’s the popular mindset. But amid all the hand-wringing, I see something else going on…

Smart legacy retailers have started to figure out how to match and beat Amazon at its own game.

And to kick off the new year right, I’ve found two such gems … two retail stocks overlooked by investors chasing the Amazon gold rush. Both are selling at sharply discounted rates, allowing them to meet new challenges head-on, and setting them up to crush Wall Street in 2018.

The first stock is hard on Amazon’s heels in its new quest to dominate e-commerce. In addition, it has the cheapest valuation in the retail sector, and pays a fat 4% dividend … which it has paid and steadily increased for more than 40 years!

Our second pick is a brick-and-mortar retailer that’s found in most upscale malls — but in spite of what you might hear about the death of shopping malls, it’s been seeing steadily rising profits for the past several years. And as an undervalued company, it could be an excellent buyout candidate in the coming year, allowing us to reap plenty of gains in the process.

I see each of these stocks rising by at least 50% in the next 18 months. And that’s just the start.



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