[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Sovereign Man Confidential Newsletter December 2015 Edition [2 Reports (PDF) 1 Audio (MP3)]

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Sovereign Man: Confidential Newsletter - December 2015 Edition

This is a BHT Exclusive. Sharing this off-site will get your account banned for life.

Includes Newsletter + Teleconference with Transcript
Sales Page: http://sovereignmanconfidential.com/smc12m_fff

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What Exactly is Sovereign Man: Confidential?

Sovereign Man: Confidential is your guide to the best places on Earth to safely protect your life, your liberty, and your assets.

Our flagship service goes in depth into the specific how-to details of internationalizing your life and your assets as well as exciting global investment and business opportunities.
As a Sovereign Man: Confidential member, you'll have...

   Peace of mind, knowing that your family's future is secure because you took action on a clear, strategic plan.
   Clear guidance on where and how to open a foreign bank account so that you know your savings will be held in a safe jurisdiction and currency.
   Boots on the ground accounts from various countries around the world that are suitable for establishing an alternative residency, so that if push comes to shove you know exactly where to go.
   The best strategies to ensure your retirement savings are secure and growing.
   The best advice on how to structure your business overseas. What to look out for, and what NOT to do in order to avoid becoming a milk cow for any government.
   Invaluable information on how to avoid being exposed to a collapsing currency, so you can preserve what you have and retain your purchasing power
   Access to an unparalleled network of contacts that will help you achieve the best possible results, as efficiently as possible.



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