[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Expat World Newsletter September 2015

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Expat World Newsletter - September 2015

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These guys cover all kinds of international topics as well as a lot of idiotic things.... so keep that in mind when you are browsing through it. Do your due diligence before following anything blindly because some of it is laughable. - NC

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In the September 2015 Issue of Expat World Newsletter . . .

• Anonymous Bank Card
An Anonymous Bank Card BIGGER than Visa or Mastercard and out of the American Big Brother bank network. We at Expat World are very excited and excited for all our loyal readers,and clients to be able to offer you this unique product.

• Benefits of a Second Passport

It may seem like a radical idea to those who were born and raised in only one country, but almost anyone can become an international citizen. This is accomplished by acquiring a legal second citizenship and, with that enhanced status, an official second passport. Most people think second passports as something for crooks or tax evaders, thanks to the U.S. Government putting a negative spin on having a second passport as well as the U.S. the mainstream media in their bias reporting on secede nationalities/passports. But they're not. And they are legal for U.S. citizens to

• 100% Legit, Fully Vetted, Citizenship by Investment Programs

• "Pot"pouri
Recently, the Appropriations Committee voted 16-14 on an amendment to allow marijuana businesses access to federal banking services, a landmark shift that will help states like Colorado, where pot is legal, fully integrate marijuana into their economies. As significant as the vote was, it’s only the latest vote in a remarkable run of success marijuana advocates have had this year on Capitol Hill.

• Mirijuana Legalization in Colorado leads to first "Weedery"



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