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WP The Affiliate Store 2.1.2 [Wordpress Plug-in & Theme]

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Sales Page: http://www.wp-affiliate-store.com/
Demo Store: http://demo.wp-affiliate-store.com/

Publish Amazon Products Automatically to your Shop without lifting a finger.
Lean back and let WP Affiliate Shop do all the job!

It's a hassle trying to keep up with WP Affiliate Shops, constantly updating them with fresh, up-to-date offers. However, with a powerful tool that enables you to autopost Amazon products right to your affiliate shop.

   Use any keyword you want to automatically generate your Amazon product
   Include the newest Amazon customer reviewers about your product
   Auto-updating price tags, so the latest price is displayed in your posts all the time
   Update your price tags automatically so that the latest price is showing at all times
   You define all the rules; you have full control over products, keywords and the speed of publishing.

There are no copyright issues because the content comes directly from the official Amazon API, which means it can be republished.



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