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Vydeo Makers's Monster Toolkit

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You get 16 animated lower thirds.  The files comes in PPT Format and blank mp4 files.  PPT files include Chroma Key files so you can easily add these to your favourite video editing software (Camatasia, Screenflow, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie etc)

The packs includes a variety of styles and effects so you can be sure to find the right lower third for your next video.


Recently YouTube introduced a cool branding feature. It is now possible to automatically add a 3 second intro to all videos across all of your Channels.

This pack of five "3 Second video intros" are super easy to edit in PowerPoint or Keynote.  In just minutes you can add professional animated intros to all of your YT Videos, immediately improving memorability with your viewers and looking 100% professional.


Simply copy the animations onto any text you are using in PowerPoint for instant creative animations.

All animations include an exit animation.  Use these to create interesting text intros for you videos, to introduce new topics in your videos or to add interest and engagement to your content titles.


Have you met Professor Hans Van Puppet.  He's a very persuasive guy! And that's why you can use any of the 6 videos he has made for you to engage with your viewers and get them to take action!

Did you know that people trust an aniamted/cartoon character far more readily than a human being.  Animated characters don't lie, cheat or scam.  These videos are sure to increase your conversions on all kinds of calls to action.


Note : You will also get 5 female "live actor' outro call to action boosters.  There are some delays with this.  The preview will be added as soon as I have it.

Every video you make needs a call to action.  If you are not using call to actions, you are losing money, customers and social sharing opportunities.  Now you can easily boost your credibility at get more people to take action by adding 'live actor' calls to action to your videos.

You get 5 male and 5 female call to actions which include generic (click the link)  to very specific calls to action (share our video!).


Now you can make fun openers for your videos using these done for you templates.  Mix and match the elements to create brand new openers or just replace any item/icon with your own for a completely unique opener.

Super easy to edit in PowerPoint or Keynote!.  These will be great for branding your videos.


This is an elegant photo themed template that will work for any kind of image focused video - real estate, interior designers, architects, artist and much more.  Using it is beyond simple.  Just add a background to the slide and you're don.

Easily edit the colours, and slow down the animations to create different  moods and tempos.



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