Versatile Newsletter 2 9 layouts, modular system

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Versatile Newsletter 2 - 9 layouts, modular system

Versatile Newsletter v2 is a collection of 9 professional HTML Email templates. Bundled in the package there is a layout creator that allows new templates to be created with ease. The existing templates can be extended and customized easily thanks to their modular layouts.

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   9 prebuilt layouts + various types of other layouts can be built easily thanks to the included layout creation system
   supports all email clients: from Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail to Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 2007 2010, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Apple Mail etc
   2 versions for each layout: one with embeded css and one with inlined css. The embeded css versions are very easy to edit and can easily be converted to inline css using the link to an online service provided in the documentation
   other color schemes can easily be created
   modular layouts – easy to add and remove content
   layout creation system – build a newsletter general layout complete with placeholder images and dummy text in minutes, writing little to no source code but using a copy-paste pre written code approach instead. More info on this below.
   extensive documentation
   png and psd source files

The Layout Creation System

The layout creation system was designed with a clear goal in mind: allow people to focus on the most important part of the newsletter – the content – by providing a way to easily create and kind of layout, that works in all major email clients, in minutes…

What the layout creation system is? A collection of code snippets, placeholder images and dummy text that allow you to mock-up any design in minutes in 4 easy steps:

   Select a Base File (the shell that will hold the modules that will contain the actual newsletter content)
       save it as a new html file
       read in documentation how to customize it if needed
   Add Modules (precoded tables used to create different colomn structures) inside the base file
       add the modules in the base file starting from the comment <!- START MAIN CONTENT . ADD MODULES BELOW ->
       add module dividers or
       ’s between the modules to create space
   Add content in the modules
       add your actual texts and pictures
       use the placeholder images in /placeholders and the text from /placeholders/lorem-ipsum.txt for fast mock-up if you don’t have the final text or pictures available
       copy your html file along with the /images and /placeholders folders to another location
       host all images on a server and change all paths to absolute paths in the layout file
       inline the css using the online service provided
       test and send



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