Ugurus – More Deals High Prices Jonathan Hinshaw and Brent Weaver

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Ugurus – More Deals High Prices - Jonathan Hinshaw and Brent Weaver

A simple system to get your first 30 high paying clients in record time.


This course solves those pains by giving you a step-by-step, start to finish, blueprint to create a successful web professional practice. Jonathan and Brent walk you through how to set a winning marketing strategy, teach you a proven marketing technique, and walk you through a mock sales deal to show you what an opportunity might look like.

Jon and Brent create a “roleplay” environment that gives you exact language that you can use to get more customers that pay higher fees. The Gurus give you a process that if mastered will pay dividends for years to come.

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

Along with over 4 hours of instructional material, Jon and Brent are handing over 23 resource documents to help you execute this strategy without thinking. These templates are actual business documents used in Jon’s business and worksheets to help you execute this campaign.

Besides just handing over all of this great learning material, Jon and Brent are both available to provide guidance to all Gurus taking the course through comment interactions.

Course Features

58 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
23 Downloadable, printable resources
Over 4 hours of instruction
Expert answers in our virtual classroom




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