TJ Rohleder – Ruthless Marketing The First Decade (2000 to 2010)

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Ruthless Marketing: The First 10 Years (2000 to 2010)

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"Russel Brunson is a fan of my marketing idol, TJ Rohleder.

I have just about ALL his books (thanks to this forum, LOL!) and have read almost all of them.

After reading a big majority of TJ's books, I came to one realization. Most of them say the same thing! If you read his 950 page book "Ruthless Marketing: The First 10 Years (2000-2010)", you have read them all. This is not a criticism though. In fact, I learned more from this book than I have from all these high falutin copy and marketing courses that cost thousands of dollars. No joke! In fact, these big ass courses parrot a lot of what he preaches.

All this to say, if you are concerned that you will miss out from Russel Brunson's latest contribution, fear not. More than likely he will also be saying the same thing in this book than his latest one. The possible exception being the changes in terms of service with marketing mediums and technology, but even that will be changed come his next book after this one.

All that is really important are marketing principles.

Get that stuff down and whether big G or or Zuckerjerk get a hair up their booty, you'll have nothing to worry about." - I.M.Awesome



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