The Dan Pena Newsletters Issues 1 75 [pdf]

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The Dan Pena Newsletters - Issues 1 - 75 [pdf]

Here is a collection of Dan Pena newsletters in one pdf.

If you are into or planning on doing any kind of deals or business
buying, he's the man to pay attention to.

He's an egotistical jerk sometimes, buy he also knows
his shi.t when it comes to deals and business in general. He
lives in a giant castle. Must know something about $$$.
:wink: - Non Conformer


"People often ask me to reveal the "Secrets" of what really makes a
super successful, high performance person. There are no secrets that
I know. On these pages I will give you the truths (albeit brutal sometimes)
about making a lot of money. Not the half truths, misinformation, and B.S.
you’ve already heard ad nauseam. I want to save you from making a lot
of mistakes. Mistakes I’ve personally made."



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