The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course 2016 Jerry Banfield, Joseph Delgadillo [Udemy Courseware]

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The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course 2016 -  Jerry Banfield, Joseph Delgadillo

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If you want to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing, you might love this Udemy course! You get principles and strategies that will work for you based on my experience building my Facebook page to more than 1.7 million likes and finding hundreds of clients for free using Facebook pages. Take this course today to join 29,000 people+ just like you hoping to get the best results on Facebook!

If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this course is worth taking before you invest your money and time in it. You can probably guess that with 29,000+ students, 120+ lectures, 22+ hours of HD video, and more than 210 reviews at an average rating of 4.5, the course is probably a good investment.

To become a student, find the blue "take this course" button or the "start free preview" button above to enroll. You risk no money enrolling because of the 30 day no questions asked refund policy. 98% of students do not request a refund which then just leaves your time. If you watch the promo video, you will immediately know rather you can stand to listen to me talk for 22 hours and from there, you will know right away whether you want more or not!

If you still are not sure about taking the course, maybe these stories of what the students before you experienced will be more useful than whatever I can say about this course. Maybe you can see if you identify with where they were when they took the course and what they got out of it. These are all copied from the course reviews below.

Great Course from a Top Teacher by Paula Ioni.

   Loved this course. Not only did I learn a lot about Facebook ads, but all the little tips on FB marketing and what approaches work were well worth the time. The course is organized well into over 60 lectures and more are continually being added to keep us up to date with what is working now. Video and audio quality is good; everything is clear and easy to understand. Jerry clearly knows FB ads like the back of his hand and it is also obvious that his knowledge comes from being out there in the marketing trenches and not just from reading an e-book to two. Bottom line, if you want your business to have a presence on Facebook, invest in this course. You won't be sorry.

If you take this course... you will learn everything you need by Luke Houghton.

   I have followed Jerry's work for over a year. If you want to know anything about how Facebook ads work, this is the course. So many of them are about 'how to get 40000 customers for $10'. Jerry's course shows you how to zone in on what works then gradually scale up to something that may actually work over a long time. He is a the superman of Facebook advertisers! This course has it all.

Useful, actionable information by Jim Hopkinson.

   This course gave me a few very solid takeaways around the overwhelming topic of Facebook ads. I am somewhat familiar and have done some ad testing, so the format was great in that I could jump around to the sections I wanted and really drill down into the specifics that were relevant to me. I loved learning about the strategy around .01 likes and how to rapidly create and test multiple campaigns (a real time-saver). Jerry has a great conclusion showing the ratio of effort vs. return that is a really great take-away from the course (I won't spoil it here). I can't wait to try out some of these tactics with my own online courses.

Very in-depth and step-by-step structure by Peter Li.

   Jerry's course is definitely a course you want to go through if you have anything to do with Facebook advertising. I think it's genius how he teaches you the method for getting $0.01 likes and conversions as social proof in order to sell to your target market with more authority. Thanks for continually updating the course with more relevant info and material! -Pete

Amazing and Inspiring Work by Seena Khan.

   Dear Jerry, this course is amazingly great and very in depth, i have seen you have put a lot of determination and hard work into understanding and applying these principles into making it happen for you, i really like your examples and would request you to keep doing whatever that you are doing with teaching , it was great to learn from you, i would seriously recommend this to all who are interested to learn more about social media or Facebook. You're an amazing person !

Amazing smile1.gif by Mohammed Abdelrasoul.

This is an incredibly informative course. Helped me gain tips and tricks to increase my Facebook followers, Website Traffic. I can always count on Jerry to deliver solid content. Will continue taking his courses.

Thank you very much for reading so much of this already and seeing what the people before you thought of the course! You have already spent so much time here that by now I can guess you might enjoy the course a lot! Find the "take this course" or the "start free preview" button above to join 25,000+ students that have enrolled in the course today!

If you want to continue learning more about the course, you can see more below exactly what the course contains! Know that as soon as you enroll, you get access to share any question you have with me in the course discussions and I will give you an answer to it as soon as I see it. I find this is the main way most students find the course really helpful and I work each day to serve you in this course!

⇉ Watch the promo video to see why this Facebook course has the most students and 5 star ratings of any Facebook course on Udemy! Know when you watch it that you can get your own $0.01 clicks, likes, and free conversions after taking this course!

⇉ Join 27,000+ students using this 2015 Facebook ads and Facebook marketing course to discover why Facebook showed over 600 million ads for me at $0.01 CPC and gave me over 30,000 new students on Udemy for free!

⇉ The Facebook ads and Facebook marketing strategies I share with you WORK FAST and WILL ALWAYS WORK! Nearly all of my success on Facebook has come within the two years and everything I show you is based on principles that will work in any situation!

⇉ You can skip trying to learn Facebook for your startup or company the hard way like I did and just learn what works! I struggled to have any success with growing my Facebook page and making any money on Facebook when I got started. I made nearly every mistake you could make! In 2013, I started trying to learn Facebook ads and realized all I had to do was reach the audiences most advertisers were ignoring! In 2015, I made a huge breakthrough with Facebook marketing my Udemy courses through groups that have allowed me to be here with you now!

⇉ Enjoy both PRACTICAL and INSPIRATIONAL lectures! You get everything you need in this course to build your Facebook page, website traffic, and business on Facebook into consistent growth towards numbers you would never have believed possible for yourself!

⇉ Act on your feelings of LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH to take this course now! Get lifetime access to the information that took me nearly 3 years to learn on my own backed by a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee!

Thank you for learning more about my course and I hope what I share with you when you are enrolled in the course will prove helpful! Click on TAKE THIS COURSE now to get started!

   Over 207 lectures and 26 hours of content!
   Answers to every question you have about Facebook ads and Facebook marketing when you make a post in the discussions. One student said recently after introducing himself and seeing the responses "Wow, I don't think I've ever been part of a course where I got so much valuable feedback so quickly!"
   A system hundreds of students have used before you to get Facebook page likes for $0.01 globally and for $0.06 in the USA.
   A complete look at how I am getting $0.34 CPM and $0.001 per post engagement in the USA today!
   A complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by uploading a video to your Facebook page and using the Power Editor to create an ad for post engagement, clicks to website, or website conversions.
   Methods for generating recurring revenue every month for free with the advanced Facebook marketing strategies I used to build my business into serving hundreds of clients in 20+ countries.
   Strategies for making a profit every month with Facebook ads using the formula I am now using to sell my Udemy courses.
   Tricks for getting a guaranteed return out of Facebook ads.
   A simple system for generating B2B leads using messages from your personal profile to Facebook pages.
   A lower cost per click with Facebook ads.
   A lower cost per conversion with Facebook ads.
   An increase in your average CTR in Facebook ads.
   Instructions for how to setup conversion tracking pixels with Facebook ads.
   A list of wealthy countries where you can make sales with Facebook ads often for 10% of the cost of ads in the USA.
   Steps to speed up the time it takes for you to make lots of Facebook advertising campaigns in both the ads manager and the power editor.
   Access to thousands of students skilled in Facebook ads that can help you with your ads when you post a discussion in the course and ask them to contact you with a proposal.
   An explanation for why your personal profile is the most powerful tool you have for making money on Facebook.
   Insights into how you can see what specifically will work the very best for you.
   The 80/20 principle explained as it relates to Facebook ads.
   Knowledge of what works with Facebook groups to get conversions for free based on my experience getting 20,000+ students on Udemy for free from Facebook groups.
   Ideas for doing affiliate marketing using Facebook groups.

What is the target audience?

   If you are hoping to use Facebook to make money or build an audience, you will get a huge return on your investment in this cours



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