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Storyfluence Academy Workshop - The Hollywood Story Method for Marketers -  Michael Hauge

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THE THREE OF US WERE onto our second bottle of red, so the conversation was becoming more open and fluid.

We were sharing stuff that, under normal circumstances, probably would have remained behind the curtain, sealed in a black box.

Amazing steak washed down with expensive wine has an almost magical ability to help with rapport and establish a deeper level of connection.

The conversation had moved onto storytelling.

I mentioned that the better I got at it, the more money I made. Not just through email, but anywhere where people read something I’ve written.

He said, “You know what I do?”

I waited while Daegan munched down a large chunk of Wagyu cow. “I pay a Hollywood story consultant to coach me.”

More chewing. Another slurp of Bordeaux.

“Just one of the stories he’s helped me craft allowed me to bring in over $315,000 in just one evening. He’s transformed how I think and how I communicate…”

You’ll learn how to tell your marketing story in the most IMPACTFUL way that elicits the most EMOTION.

This is not just for “email writing” (although it can certainly be applied to that, too)…

… but for any story you want to tell within your marketing funnel.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an:

origin story,
someone else’s story (one of my favorites),
presell story,
email lead-in story (another favorite),
case study and instructional story,
… or even a story within a sales message:
sales letter,
or stage presentation.

What’s In This For You?

   You’ll learn how to take your story (or the story of someone else), and communicate it in a way that elicits the most emotional impact in your reader (or viewer).

   These are “stories” that you can use anywhere within your marketing funnel: like origin story; about page story; presell story; sales letter; VSL; stage presentation; and of course, emails.

   We also give you before and after stories from clients of ours. And two stories of own.

   3 hours of core training, with alumni Q&A to help give real life context to what you’ve just learned.

   BONUS #1: We also be giving you Michael’s Creating The Blockbuster Story Outline “fill-in-the-blanks” worksheet…

   You don’t need to be a master storyteller to produce a story that will blow your on socks off — I’d honestly be surprised if you’re not left scratching your head wondering how the hell you managed to write something so freakin’ awesome smile1.gif

   This worksheet alone is worth the price of admission.
   BONUS #2: A 43 minute private Skype recording between myself (Andre), Michael Hauge and Jack Born.



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