Steve Rosenbaum Back End Blueprint [13 Audio (MP3) 3 Manuals (PDF)]

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Steve Rosenbaum - Back End Blueprint


Let me start by putting my money where my mouth is...

My name is Steve Rosenbaum. I am The Back End Specialist. I make a very nice living picking and choosing the clients I wish to advise. My clients pay me top dollar every single month to run my proprietary process that consistently delivers results for them.

We’re not talking about $197 paychecks either; the smallest one was $1001.00, and two companies gave me nearly $20,000 combined to do exactly what I’m going to teach you in this course.

The amazing thing is that those were just the “Up-Front” charges I collected. These nice checks paid for a trip to Chicago, my new car for my daughter and some of the finer things in life.

But here’s where it gets interesting;

I get very nice checks from each and every client, month after month. They're not going to stop, because my process makes them money.



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