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Sean D’Souza - The Uniqueness Mastery Home Study

Introducing the Uniqueness Mastery Home Study
The Uniqueness Mastery Home Study is a precise system that enables you to get your product or service to stand out. And not just stand out in a garish, uncomfortable way, but in a manner where the customer knows exactly why they’re choosing you over the competition. It follows a system that that shows you how to get to your uniqueness.

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How do you speed up the sales of your product or service by using a single set of words?

(Selling a product or service tends to be an uphill task. So can a simple set of words get the client to avoid the competition and pick you?)
The frustration of selling often boils down to a set of words

The set of words are the way you describe your ‘uniqueness’. You may have a great product or service, but often can’t identify the uniqueness. And this puts you in a big quandary: How do you stand out from the competition? How do you get your customers to buy your products or services? And what if your products or services are more expensive?

But it’s not just you that’s in this so-called quandary. The client is confused as well. They can’t decide between you and the competition.
Let me tell you the story of two property managers

Property managers, as you probably know, are those who manage your rental property. They take care of getting the tenants, making sure the rent is paid etc. But one property manager was charging 8.5% + $250 in fees.

The other one was charging 6.9% and no fees whatsoever. The first firm was professionally run. The second was family run. Let’s assume both offered an almost-identical service, which one of the two would you choose? And let’s say there weren’t just two, but five or six property managers jostling for your attention. What would you be looking for in such a situation?
You’re looking for a factor of uniqueness, aren’t you?

You’re looking for something that will help you quickly make a decision. You want the best value for your money, and you might even be slightly concerned why one person is charging so much less? Or on the other hand, why another is charging so much more.

In short, you as the customer are struggling for something to hold on to. Some uniqueness factor that will help you make the right choice. And in turn, the person selling the product or service desperately needs something that will make them stand out in a sea of seemingly me-too businesses. So how do you do that? How do you create a uniqueness that’s so dramatic and powerful, that clients pick you in a flash?
Introducing the Uniqueness Mastery Home Study

The Uniqueness Mastery Home Study is a precise system that enables you to get your product or service to stand out. And not just stand out in a garish, uncomfortable way, but in a manner where the customer knows exactly why they’re choosing you over the competition.

The Uniqueness Mastery Home Study follows a system that goes like this:

We start off with isolating the uniqueness in a product or service. Then we test how idiotic (or sane) it sounds. Then we move over to implementation. We begin to use it on our websites, in our conversation, as part of our articles etc., always driving home the uniqueness factor. No more crappy theory or fanciful conceptualisation. This is it! You learn, you implement.

What you will learn:

   Learn to Identify Your Uniqueness: Most of us know that we need to have a uniqueness factor to make us stand out, but we can’t seem to identify the uniqueness at all. Now imagine being able to take on any product or service, from any industry and identify the uniqueness incredibly accurately and quickly. Magic, huh? Yes, but you’ll learn the magic.
   No More Brain Chatter: Often you’ll pick a uniqueness and then wonder if it’s good enough. You’ll wonder if others will find it unique. Well, you can stop wondering because this home study will show you just what you need to do to pick a uniqueness and drive it home with great impact.
   The Testimonial Process: Every product or service will eventually have a few, if not many, testimonials. These testimonials can become the key to developing your uniqueness. So how do you use testimonials to quickly get to uniqueness?
   The Grammar Lesson: Even if you didn’t do too well at grammar in school, you’ll learn the power of grammar when selecting uniqueness factors. And how an adjective can trump a noun when dealing with uniqueness. Yup, crazy stuff like this that is fun to learn and even more fun to implement!
   Creating a DNA: Once you get to your uniqueness factor, you’ll realise that it forms the basis for a very large part of your product or service. The entire DNA and focus of your product or service changes. Suddenly you have an intense clarity that didn’t exist before. And this clarity results in far greater sales, because hey, for the first time ever, the client knows exactly why they’re buying from you and can spread the word easily and effectively.

Should your uniqueness be subtle or bold? What if your product or service is quite generic? Learn how you can create uniqueness out of even seemingly mundane situations. All part of the fun and games of learning.
But what if you already have a uniqueness or USP for your product or service? Why should you bother with this home study?

It’s possible that you have a uniqueness factor for your product or service. But it’s not enough to have it. It has to be so powerful that all your customers need to be able to state your uniqueness in a flash. And of course, it’s easy to test.

Call up five of your customers and ask them what’s the uniqueness of your product or service. If they all say exactly the same thing, you have a uniqueness. If they say all kinds of things, you definitely need to tweak your messaging, and yeah, this home study is where you’ll learn how to create and drive home that consistency in your messages.

The other reason, and this is more important, is that any good business is bound to have more than one product or service. Every business will, over the life cycle of a business, introduce several products and services. And every product or service, has to have a clear uniqueness.

An iPhone 4s needs to stand out from an iPhone 4. And the iPhone 5 will need to stand out from the iPhone 4s. And so every new product (or new service) will need a uniqueness factor. You can’t just hope that the customer will buy simply based on your reputation. Would you buy an new iPhone if it seemed exactly like the previous one?

“Before doing the uniqueness course I thought I had a good idea of what uniqueness means. I practiced narrowing down to just ONE using the method of Bag 7 in the Brain Audit.”

” During this course I learned that many ideas aren’t good enough if we can’t narrow down and focus on one. If we are going to sell our business, services, we need to make it absolutely clear to the customer why they should pick us. And that WHY must stand out in the crowd of other service providers.

I learned that capturing my thoughts on paper, i.e. the emperors’ list, then narrowing it down to just one is a very effective way to tame the numerous thoughts racing through my brain when I think about where I want to take my business.”

Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin
British Columbia, Canada

You will learn

       How to drive home a uniqueness factor to your clients without a big budget.
       How to make the uniqueness brief, when needed. Or expand it when needed. And when to use the expanded or the brief version for maximum impact.
       How to make your uniqueness look ‘natural’ and not forced. A forced uniqueness feels yucky and artificial.
       Why wrestling with uniqueness for weeks or months on end is a waste of good time and energy. Learn how to quickly get to uniqueness in a matter of days.
       Why most testimonials fall apart. How to create testimonials with specific questioning tactics. You’ll learn to create testimonials that sell your product/service without you lifting a finger.
       How to create uniqueness that stands the test of time. It’s easy to pick a uniqueness that may lose its power. Learn how to pick one that won’t fade away easily.
       How to prevent your uniqueness from being copied by a competitor. If you don’t fashion a robust uniqueness, what’s to stop your competition from stepping in and using it themselves?

Here’s the outline of what you’ll learn in the course:

Uniqueness Lessons

Session 1:

   The Critical Importance of Uniqueness
   The Importance of Listing Features in Uniqueness
   The Systematic Way To Choose From The List
   Three Core Methods of Getting To Uniqueness
   How to Choose The Right Uniqueness: The David Attenborough Method

Session 2:

   The Importance of Enthusiasm When Describing Uniqueness
   How To Create Simple and Expanded Uniqueness
   A Deeper Dive Into the DNA of Uniqueness (And Why DNA matters)
   Understanding how to get to DNA with adjectives
   The Role of Features in Uniqueness
   How To Create a Uniqueness Filter
   The 3 Critical Mistakes With Expanding and Condensing (And How To Fix Them)

Session 3:

   How to use uniqueness in presentations, sales pitches and sales pages.
   Umbrella Uniqueness vs. Individual Products
   Finding Uniqueness from Testimonials
   The role of hero and supporting cast in uniqueness
   First and second level uniqueness: And the importance of branding

Session 4:

   How to get the word out
   Personal Uniqueness: Is it important?
   Relationship between uniqueness and other elements of marketing
   Taking on the 800 pound gorilla: Taking on Market Leaders
   Cannibalisation Of Your Own Product/Service

Session 5:

   The Importance of Supporting Media: Audio, Video, Images, Cartoons
   How To Get Uniqueness From A target profile interview
   Why Uniqueness Can’t Guarantee Success: Case Studies
   Demonstrating Uniqueness
   Waffly Language

Session 6:

   Why You Need To Avoid Writing “Copy” When Creating Uniqueness
   Sacrifice and Slaughter: Why It’s Important
   The Importance of the Mundane And Seemingly Uninteresting.
   How Uniqueness Plays A Role In Creating Yummy Bonuses

And this isn’t counting the additional bonuses. Now these bonuses aren’t some stupid add-ons. They’re specifically designed by me, and they’re designed to take your understanding of uniqueness even further. But you’ll find out for yourself anyway.

As mentioned before: This course is designed not as an info-dump, but true methods of learning, such as layering, and repetition are involved. Plus various media such as audio, text, checklist, etc. And so that the learning experience translates into better understanding, which in turn leads to better implementation.



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