Robert Scot – Create a Local Video Marketing Agency (Small Business Ninja)

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Robert Scot – Create a Local Video Marketing Agency: Small Business Ninja

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A Monster Master Course for Monster Master E-Marketers

So, You’re looking for a small business – that can grow into a BIG business – with little or no start-up money, few connections, and not a bunch of know-how.

The Truth: Local video marketing is the best opportunity available today to a creative, self-starter.

You don’t have to know video. You don’t have to know … You just have to know how to watch this course through to the end and diligently follow directions!

There are huge profits in the local video marketing agency business, and I provide every detail on how to build such an agency – and grow it!

Included in this course – The ENTIRE CONTENT of my “How to Use YouTube to Rank #1 on Google – Over Night!” – one of the most popular courses on Udemy!

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