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Release Your Brakes - James Newman [pdf]

This is classic gold.
Brakes, we don't need no stinking brakes. Pedal to the metal, baby! - Non Conformer

In Dr. Jim Newman's famous book, "Release Your Brakes", he uses the
analogy of our negative emotions as being the brakes on our lives. If
you've ever had the experience of getting into your vehicle and driving
down the street and finding that it was going very, very slowly and when
you stepped on the gas it speeded up very slowly and when you let your
foot off the gas it ground to a halt and then you notice that the
emergency brake was on and you release the brakes. Suddenly your car
takes off! Trying to drive your life with negative emotions is like
trying to drive your car with the brakes on. It's possible to move it
forward, but the stress and the strain on the engine and transmission,
the running gear and the differential is inordinate and it is the
negative emotions that wear us out and tire us out in life.

"This is quite possibly the best non-scriptural book I have ever read.
It has been a "mentor" book for nearly twenty years. If you would like
to understand why you sometimes make decisions that are not in harmony
with what you really want to accomplish in your life - find, acquire,
read, absorb this book! It is one of the great ones, hidden behind a
paperback cover!"

"This is one of my favorite all-time books. I keep going back and back to
it. Everyone today seems excited about the book, DVD and CD about "The
Secret." This book by James Newman has everything "The Secret" has, but
in plain, everyday language with specific steps on how to achieve what
you want. And it doesn't have all the glossy PR, Hollywood production
promo "The Secret" has. I met James Newman before he passed away, he is
an honest, solid, sincere guy...unlike many of the "promo artists"
giving their "schpeel" (is that how you spell it?) about "The Secret" on
Oprah, Larry King, etc. "Release Your Brakes" is very special. Strongly

"This is the BEST book to help you jump start your
business. When you need to be self motivated, it helps
you with overcoming your fears and your own deep
seeded objections."



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