On Page SEO and Optimization Prepare for Viral Traffic Philip Kleudgen

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On Page SEO and Optimization Prepare for Viral Traffic - Philip Kleudgen

Make your content highly shareable, improve site speed and on page SEO and turn your blog into a real authority site.

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Course Description

I know many beginning bloggers and even intermediate marketers are still struggling to optimize WordPress on page SEO.

Here's a blueprint how I built all my viral blogs for clients and myself.

If you have a WordPress blog I will show you how to set it up to get a lot more social shares from Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

I also give you a complete step by step on page SEO setup to replicate for better rankings in Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

This course is NOT about link building or traffic generation, but covers everything else that happens on your page.

With these tutorials, you will be able to turn your website into a social powerhouse that also is able to rank well over time!

For example I cover:

   Yoast WordPress SEO setup
   Categories vs. Tags
   Image Optimization
   Page Speed
   Social optimization (Twitter cards, open graph...)
   Share plugins

And much more you need to know down the road. The content will also get updated any time needed.

This is not a magic bullet and I only share what worked for me.

But it does work.

Most of the tools I recommend are free although there are some optional paid upgrades (not needed).

Act today and optimize your on-page SEO and social shareability.

   Raygon Smith - This is an awesome tutorial if you are looking to get your site seo optimized in a professional manner and to gain a lot of social signals. Philip has done a great work in describing all the small things. If you are new to On-page SEO then this is the course you must learn and in bonus you get to gain a lot of views from social signals.

   Jack Wilson - I have just recently started delving into the world of SEO to enhance and grow my online fitness brand and business. I had seen some excellent reviews on Philip's course, and finally decided to jump in head first. I half-expected SEO lingo and concepts to be a foreign language to me, but thankfully (with good instruction) I now feel equipped to take my online growth to the next level. The instructor has done an excellent job of breaking down everything you need to get started in advancing your search engine placement, from setting up your page for optimization, to design, and social marketing plugins. If you have been contemplating starting your education in search engine optimization, I would highly recommend purchasing this course. You will see the return on your investment in no time, and take your brand/business to new heights with these tools.

   Tajci - I had attended some of the courses at Udemy before and this one is one of the best I had. Instructor was very well prepared and what a like the most is that he didn’t not just show which pluging’s he recommend but he also gave instructions have to seat each one from first to the last setting. I finally was able to optimize my web pages images and all the other things so that my blog is loading much faster and is also mobile friendly. I highly recommend it for everyone who just started with their first blog or all the others who had problems with loading time of there web pages.

   Silviu Marisca - Great Program! The videos are excellent produced, the information is easy to digest and the instructor is experienced! This is a perfect course on how to set up your blog to get more social shares. Also, it's great way to understand on page SEO to rank your blog higher and higher within the search engines. Jump IN!

   Shimmy Morris - I have a few different WordPress websites, I've always tried to get the most out of them. This course has certainly helped me with that. It has covered many areas for me to improve my website drastically! I recommend this course to anyone who has a wordpress website. It's Amazing. Philip is extremely quick to answer questions which makes the course even more valuable! Thank you!



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