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Nathan Chan – Instagram Domination by Foundr

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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, let me ask you a question:
Do you bring in all of the targeted customers you want online?

I can almost hear you laughing from here…

If you’re like the vast majority of entrepreneurs (both those who run Internet-only businesses and those who market brick-and-mortar businesses online), you’ve probably tried just about everything you can think of to attract the kinds of people you really want (that is, the ones who will become long-term customers and enthusiastically tell everyone they know about you).

You’ve most likely dumped a TON of time, money, and energy into trying to build your customer base with online strategies like:
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Building and running a Facebook fan page
Writing blog posts
And on and on...

But so far, you’re getting a pretty dismal return on your investment, aren’t you?

Don’t worry, my friend – you’re far from alone. There’s an almost endless line of “gurus” out there telling entrepreneurs – intelligent, determined people just like you and me – that these methods are the “keys to the kingdom” when it comes to attracting customers online.

And, at their core, there’s not really anything wrong with these strategies. If you want to dump enough time and money into using them, you can eventually attract customers with these methods – and maybe even turn a profit someday.
But for Many Online Entrepreneurs… that “Someday” Never Comes!

You see, the biggest reason people fail to make their online businesses profitable is that they run out of money and patience before they ever start seeing real results. The vast majority of people get frustrated and give up well before they start making serious money, simply because they can’t get enough of the right people to pay attention.

Take Facebook marketing, for example.

Suppose you build a fan page for your business and post content to the page every day. That’s great, but is anybody seeing your posts (and, more importantly, interacting with you)? It can take years for people to start finding your fan page…. And even then, very few of the people who find you are going to be interested in what you have to offer!

So, out of desperation, you start buying Facebook ads to start driving traffic to your fan page (and hopefully to your order page). But getting the hang of Facebook ads can take months or years… and you can plan on spending a TON of money in the process. And even if you spend a fortune and test your ads six ways to Sunday, there’s still absolutely no guarantee that you’ll get any results whatsoever!

That’s exactly what happens to most of us… we hit our breaking point, cut our losses, and go back to simply wishing we could have found a way to make our businesses successful!

And that’s a shame, because there are millions of talented entrepreneurs just like you who truly deserve to succeed!

But has it become impossible to attract high-quality customers online… without wasting a boatload of time and money in the process?

Fortunately… the answer is a resounding “NO!”
How an Overlooked Opportunity Brought Foundr a Flood of Followers Fast...

My name is Nathan, and I’m the CEO & Publisher of Foundr Magazine, the go-to online magazine for entrepreneurs and startups. Like you, I had spent countless months racking my brain trying to figure out how to attract qualified readers to our magazine.

Facebook ads… AdWords… I had tried them all. And let’s just say that my results were dismal at best.

I was actually starting to think that maybe it had become impossible to attract targeted, enthusiastic subscribers without spending a fortune or staying glued to social media all day long. I didn’t want to admit it to anyone… but I was just about out of ideas.

One day in November 2014, though, I decided to take a short break from my subscriber acquisition efforts, and logged into Instagram.

As I browsed, it suddenly hit me…
Instagram could be a goldmine for attracting targeted customers... and almost no one is taking advantage of it!
The Numbers Spoke for Themselves – Instagram Could Revolutionize Customer Attraction!

Before I started to put together my first Instagram campaign for Foundr, I did some research to see whether this social media site really could be the answer to my subscriber attraction problem.

I won’t bore you with all of the details… but here’s a snapshot of what I discovered:

There are 300 MILLION active users on Instagram (as of December 2014).

57% of these users log into the site on a daily basis.

Average post engagement is 57x higher than on Facebook… and 120x higher than on Twitter!

Whoa! How could I have overlooked this massive opportunity?!

I set out to create my first Foundr campaign…. It took me a bit to learn the “ins and outs” of using Instagram for getting targeted readers, but after a few months and several campaigns, here are the results (as of May 2015):

   893 Posts (5.18 per day)
   1.85M Post likes (3k per post)
   77k Post comments (118 per post)
   Average 20k Call-to-Action clicks per month

Want More Opt-in's Than You Can Handle to Build Your Email List?
We've Got You Covered! As You Can See We're Generating 1000+ Opt-In's a Week Purely From Instagram!

At our current growth rate, we’re on pace to hit well over 300,000 followers by the end of 2015… but now that we’ve perfected our strategies, that number will likely be much closer to 500,000!
I Had Finally Cracked the Instagram Code... But Something Was Still Bothering Me...

After having spent months spinning my wheels, so to speak, it was a HUGE relief to finally have a reliable system in place to attract leads without spending a fortune on advertising… and without taking hours of time each day away from what I really wanted to be doing – helping entrepreneurs succeed.

But there was still something wrong.

You see, TONS of people out there – well-deserving entrepreneurs just like you – were asking me how we managed to attract so many loyal followers so quickly.

I wanted to help… but I didn’t have the time or interest in consulting one-on-one. So I decided to compile everything I had learned about getting leads from Instagram into one simple, step-by-step system. I made sure to leave absolutely nothing out, because I wanted you to have the power to start using my system today to bring qualified, ready-to-buy customers to your online business.

It was a labor of love, that’s for sure – I spent more late nights and weekends than I care to think about documenting my processes and spelling everything out as completely as possible. But in the end, I knew that I had created a training system that could help you generate a healthy, predictable flow of targeted customers virtually on autopilot.

And that, my friend, is exactly what you’re getting your hands on just a few minutes from now!

The Proven Method for Generating a Predictable Flow of Highly Engaged, Motivated Followers and Customers for Your Business!

Instagram Domination gives you the power to start using Instagram today to attract followers who are genuinely excited about your business… and who will enthusiastically tell their social networks about you!

In this training, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to automate your campaigns… and to use them to bring in customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… without massive ad expenses or “babysitting” your social media accounts!

Here’s Just a Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Dive Into Instagram Domination Today!

There’s just too much in this revolutionary course to tell you everything you’re getting when you take advantage of Instagram Domination… but I wanted to give you just a taste of what you’re about to discover when you dive into the course materials just minutes from now…

   You’ll learn how to set up your Instagram account the right way, so that you can position your business for massive success and avoid costly mistakes that can sabotage your efforts!
   You’ll learn how subtle elements in your Instagram profile can have a dramatic impact on your success… and how to optimize your profile to skyrocket engagement!
   You’ll learn why linking to your website homepage is a bad move… and exactly what you should link to instead!
   You’ll discover the easy way to track link clicks… so that you know exactly how well your Instagram campaigns are performing!
   You’ll find out how often you should post – and what types of content to post – for optimal results!
   You’ll learn exactly which times of the day to post for maximum engagement!
   You’ll develop a “stealth strategy” for interacting with your Instagram community and responding to comments!
   You’ll find out why hashtags are critical to your success… and how to choose hashtags for maximum exposure with minimal effort!
   You’ll learn how to use all the Instagram Tools, so you can create super professional and HOT looking images to make your content go VIRAL, and make attracting enthusiastic customers even faster and easier!
   You’ll get little-known geo-targeting strategies for building your follower list almost effortlessly!
   You’ll learn multiple Shoutout strategies for dramatically increasing visibility and engagement!
   You’ll find out which tracking and analytics tools give you the most relevant information about your Instagram campaigns with the least amount of effort!
   You’ll get proven strategies for outsourcing almost every aspect of your Instagram campaigns, so that you can spend more time running your business and taking care of your customers!
   And much, MUCH more!

David Hobson

"Instagram Domination is simply awesome.  

Applying just a few of the things I learned from Nathan I was able to go from Instagram noob to over 3,500 highly engaged followers in less than 3 weeks. (And to be honest, I have to admit I got a smug satisfaction overtaking other business accounts that had been at it for well over a year)

Nathan has taken the social media world by storm making other 'experts' look average at best. In my opinion that's because he knows how to not only build a brand and following on Instagram, but more importantly how you can use that to get opt-ins and results in your business.  

If you're thinking about joining Instagram domination.  Stop thinking and do it. You won't regret it.

HIGHLY recommended.  

Thanks Nate!"

"Instagram Domination really brought me up to speed with how to use Instagram more efficiently, as well as how to maximize my reach to the exact customers that I want to serve. Not only did it elevate my knowledge for marketing, but the energy that Nathan Chan guides this course with is truly motivating.

I felt like this course definitely set me up for success, gave me the tools I needed to prosper and stimulated my inner marketer. You will have to work hard and there is no way around that, but you will work smarter and your gains will prove your favorable outcome. The times are changing and Instagram is a great place to reach the masses.

You have nothing to lose, yet a lot to win! Dominate!"
Mikhaila Christian
Emily Chong

I first started Sartorial Minimalist as a fun little project to share and express my creativity to the Instagram community. After implementing the steps provided by the Instagram Domination course, I went from 0 - 10,000+ followers in just 8 weeks.

I have also received hundreds of dollars worth of amazing gifts and products from my page - It's like Christmas everyday for me when I get packages in the mail.

I never thought I'd build my own business out of doing what I love and I can't thank Nathan enough for sharing his tips to get me to where I am now.



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