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Originally Posted by JamesCousineau

First $297 client in 24 hours? Nope! My first
$500 (minimum to start) mobile site client in 1 hour. I know of at least 4 other
website clients that will want mobile sites as soon as I tell them they can have
one. Thank you!


Originally Posted by toddh65

Well, after a mere 24 hours since I bought this
product I have a client and a testimonial as well. This is a great opportunity
to create both quick income and a viable business straight out of the


Originally Posted by edsaco

After I went through the template and the
promotional information I was able to create a mockup for a client and offered
the services then got my first sell for a mobile site for


Originally Posted by jking6631

This is unbelievable, I just got this program,
made a call to a client and made $200 before I got off the


Originally Posted by oxfordinfo

Just sold a site to the Carpenter who was
fitting my kitchen! He is telling his Electrician friend who also needs to get
some online exposure. This is not a pipe dream. It is real a business! I have
not even Tried to advertise yet. Looking good for another income


Originally Posted by sooner1

This is a super program. I used the cafe across
the street as my model to go through the training modules with and sold the site
the first time I showed it to them. And, since they didn't have a website
already I got the hosting contract as well. Really Happy I Got


Originally Posted by Steve Wise

I've already lined up my first client. I bought
this course a couple of days ago and watched the step by step video's over the
weekend... the $17 price point is fantastic value it's worth way more than


Originally Posted by Mulrain

I purchased the WSO last weekend and was not able to
study it until Tuesday evening. At work the following day (Wed), I secured my
first TWO clients (one was a referral from the first client within three
hours!). Today, I am proud to say, I landed two more clients! This is, indeed,
my best purchase yet...


Originally Posted by bertstyles

Finished videos and pdf's (less than 4hrs)
friend of mine stops by 6hrs later showed him how to get more customer's.
(15minutes later) my first contract...after 1 ½years of only minor less than a day I've already made more


Originally Posted by viking

I got my first sale with the first contact and
that even I do not speak the native language fluently; the potential client was
so excited what I offered - cannot be easier to run a


Originally Posted by backdocguy

You have over produced and under charged for a
program that I was able to go out and in 2 days make $500.00... All I can say is
thank you so very much...


Originally Posted by maveric

I must say, these sites are CLEAN, feature rich,
and most importantly, the clients REALLY like them. No one has flinched at the
$597-697 price point as of yet (or the $50/month


Originally Posted by KLove

Offline clients jump at the chance to get mobile
sites! The second business owner I offered this to, after going through the
program, jumped on board and purchased a site (the first one sounds pretty
interested, too).


Originally Posted by benedicta

Progress Report! I am so delighted. I
sent out 10 messages and got 3 positive replies back immediately! The others are
still unopened so I am hopeful. Thanks for the email templates you provided,
worked like magic!


Originally Posted by Scitknot9

I would urge anyone who is having trouble
deciding whether to purchase this WSO to stop worrying and GET IT!!! I did
the same thing myself, spent a day 'umming and aahhing' about whether to buy it
but I'm so glad i did.


Originally Posted by Bzzzy1

Talk about a true KILLER *DEAL*!! WOW!! Nothing
short of incredibly *AMAZING* value for what you get in this package!! Folks!
Get this while you can!!


Originally Posted by vrodpen

The saddest thing is that I cannot properly
express the value that this represents to me in this post. You have really
over-delivered here. I would gladly pay hundreds after seeing what's behind the
doors. I'm very excited.


Originally Posted by Lifechanging

It deserves WSO of the Day. Hell, maybe it should
get WSO of the Year, because
its the best I've seen in 2011 and believe me I get through


Originally Posted by dliquete

One of the top WSOs I have purchased this year.
Thanks for excellent offer.


Originally Posted by lygeia

Will, this offer absolutely lives up to your
description. I am so happy I purchased your course! This may well be the best


Originally Posted by fhmoney

I have purchased quite a few WSOs. This is by
far, without question, the best WSO I have purchased to date. The truth
is, a-n-y-o-n-e can make money with this


Originally Posted by Clare4

I’m just so amazed by this great deal. This
Mobile Business in A Box is an excellent product and is easily worth 10 times
what Will is charging.


Originally Posted by creck01

This is great one of the better wso's I have ever bought great price and
amazing package


Originally Posted by zenyatta

I only average 1 WSO per month but this has been by far
the best money I have spent to date. This is truly a business in a


Originally Posted by Viceman

We all received one heck of deal I do believe. I
tell ya folks, I have been looking for sometime for some type of mobile business
that would actually work. I believe this is going to be the


Originally Posted by bushwood

This is the best $17 I've spent in a long, long
time. You will profit from it.


Originally Posted by vancouverseoconsultant

Thank you Will, thank you, thank you! Excellent
Value! You are a Mobile Marketing Guru!


Originally Posted by HeyAdMan

WOW... this is truly a business in a box. You
have left nothing out.
In my opinion it is excellent and I am not easily


Originally Posted by egortari

This is quite an amazing Mobile Website in a Box
deal… but this is much more than I was


Originally Posted by Jason Anderson

The only person who won't benefit from your
WSO is the person who refuses
to take action. Period. No excuses.


Originally Posted by Dun835

Man Will, What a terrific WSO! For anyone getting into mobile
sites, this is a must have.


Originally Posted by eyesocialize

This is absolutely a great mobile business in a
box. Thanks WillR for finally putting this out. This is a real


Originally Posted by Vargas

There have been many positive reviews on here,
and for good reason. This is a very professionally done WSO which by the quality of presentation
alone WillR knows what he is doing.

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Affiliation Disclaimer | Terms of Use |
| Earnings Disclaimer
Mobile Website
| Mobile
Website Templates

PO Box 1412 Sydney NSW Australia

See my Mobile Website in

Important: This video shows the old
mobile template. The
template has since been updated but works in much the
same way


Mobile Business
in a Box



Originally Posted by Hydroxide

scored my first client, in just one single meeting! They loved the site, they
loved the look and idea of it, heck they even want to refer me to other
companies!! This WSO is the
best I have ever purchased in my entire


Originally Posted by driven247

I bought this last week. I already sold a mobile
site to the first person I showed a mock up to. He absolutely loved it. I sold
it for $297 but that is only because it is part of a total website redesign. If
I sold it alone I definately would have sold it for


Originally Posted by gerrykenny



Originally Posted by Dave Ovenden

I have bought other mobile website WSOs but this
is the most comprehensive one so far and for the price it is definitely the best


Originally Posted by scottlin

This is with out doubt the easiest, most
comprehensive, straight forward, training I have ever seen! Buy it, you will
love it! Awesome work! 10/10


Originally Posted by rlmosca

Wow, I was blown away with the content of your
wso, the pdf's are the most
concise and content rich I have ever purchased, and believe me when I say I have
spent 1000's of dollars on training pdf's in the

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I
can’t access my product, what gives?

A. No matter how much I double and triple check everything,
there is always the possibility of little gremlins getting into the system.
Whether it be an issue with my server, the Warrior Plus payment server, or even
Paypal, all I can tell you is I will try and resolve any issues as fast as I
can. Please be patient with any minor hiccups. If you did not receive any login
information for whatever reason then please send me a quick email via the
‘Contact Us’ page in your members dashboard (yes, you can access this page
without being logged in). To access the dashboard simply click on the ‘CLICK
link located on your Warrior Plus thank you

Q. Can I resell any of your course or

A. No, you cannot. The
course is designed for personal use only and the mobile template is ONLY to be
used for you to create mobile sites for yourself and/or your clients. You are
not allowed under any circumstance to resell or giveaway this template as a tool
for other marketers to use. You can also NOT use this template to create mobile
websites and offer them on sites such as fiverr or Warrior Forum. I'm sure you
knew this but just need to make sure it's clear smile1.gif

Will I need to meet with clients in person?

A. No, you do not. How you approach the clients is totally
up to you and there are numerous people selling these mobile websites
successfully without meeting clients in person. I cover all the different
methods you can use in this course. Obviously selling face to face often gives
the best conversions but there are definitely other ways you can do this very
successfully. If you're not good at the selling side of things you can always
outsource and get someone else to do that for you.

Can I make these sites if I am a newbie?

A. Yes, hell yes. I have made this template as simple to
use as possible so even those people who have never built a website before can
get these mobile websites up and running in as little time as possible. The 14
part step by step video series will walk you through the whole process of
setting up your first mobile website. You don't need to buy any graphics
programs or html editors. I'll show you the best free tools to use for

Q. How much money can I expect to make
with this?

A. I stayed away from
using any screenshots or proof of earnings in this WSO because I don’t want you thinking
this is some kind of magic bullet business. How much you earn is totally
dependent on how much effort you are willing to put in. It's simple. The more
effort you put in the more websites you will sell. If you give this a good shot
then I have no doubt you could realistically sell a number of these mobile
websites each and every week.

Q. Is this difficult to

A. No, and everything you need
to get started is included in this course. This is a complete business in a box
and nothing has been left out. I teach you the best clients to target, the best
way to contact those clients to maximize sales, and how to create and deliver
the final mobile website to the customer.

Q. Does this
require any additional investment or prior knowledge?

A. No. You will not need to buy any additional software
programs or services. Everything you need is included in this course. You don't
need any hosting or domains either as the websites are hosted on the customers
own domain. You also do not need any prior technical knowledge to create these
mobile websites. The step by step video tutorials walk you through each and
every detail of setting up your first mobile websites so you can put these sites
together in 30 minutes or less.

Q. Can this technique
become saturated?

A. First of all,
this is not a 'technique'. This is a real business where you provide real
services to real people. Latest research predicts that only around 1% of all
.com, .net, and .org websites currently have a mobile optimized version.
Research also shows that by the year 2013 more people will be visiting websites
on mobile phones than on a regular PC. Mobile is HOT. You only need to look at
how much money and time Google is investing in Mobile to know it is definitely
the way of the future. The market for this service is HUGE and will only get
bigger and bigger over the next few years. Now is the time to get

Q. Is there a WordPress Version of the Mobile

A. No there is not. One of
the most important things you need to consider when building a mobile website is
keeping the file sizes down to a bare minimum so the site loads nice and fast
for those users on mobile devices. If the site does not load fast then there is
no point having a mobile version - no one will see it. WordPress adds a whole
lot of unnecessary code and scripts that slow down sites and are not needed on a
mobile site like this. Besides, it's much easier to install this template than
have to go and install and configure WordPress each and everytime.

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