Media Buy Academy ( 5 Modules Course)

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Media Buy Academy


Mod 1: Intro and Planning
           Lesson 1: What you will learn in this course (8.54)
           Lesson 2: Media Buying 101 (2.14)
           Lesson 3: How to Find your Customer Demographic  (6.14)
           Lesson 4: Resources for Demographic Research: (6.57)
           Lesson 5: Case Study of Media Buy Planning (5.07)
           Lesson 6: Step-by-Step of Actual Campaign (20.04)
           Lesson 7: Case Study of Strategic Planning (5.11)
           Bonus Lesson:  Additional Research Extension Tool (2.13)
           Action Document: Chart for Recording Competitive Ad Demographics
           Materials: Course Slide,  Media Buying Term Glossary, Links, Contact Details, Discount Codes

Mod 2: Media Buying 2.0
           Lesson 1: Breakdown and Benefits of Networks Buys (4.22)
           Lesson 2: Adbuyer for Controlled Buys (6.13)
           Lesson3: Media Buying via Demand Side Platforms (DSP) (2.56)
               Section 1: Test Buys with Real Time Bidding (RTB) (8.1cool1.gif (Targeting With Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Advantages to Advertisers, Challenges to Advertisers)
               Sections 2: Campaign Optimization (3.43)
               Section 3: Ideas and Opportunities (2.23)
               Section 4: SiteScout Benefits (6.20)
               Section 5: CPC Google Testing (1.21)
           Lesson4: How to measure CTR (2.10)
           Lesson5: Competitive Analysis with (3.41)
           Bonus Lesson: WhatRunsWhere Tip (1.39)
           Materials: Course Slides


           Lesson 1:  Breakdown and Benefits of Direct Media Buys (3.34)
           Lesson 2: Types of Sites We Want (3.33)
           Lesson 3: Locating the Sites:
               Section 1: Social Bookmarking to Locate Targeted Traffic Sources.(4.54)
               Section 2: Google to Locate Sources (8.5cool1.gif
               Section 3: Quantcast to Build your list: (6.02)
               Section 4: Google AdPlanner for List Building (4.37)
               Section 5: Sources for Inspiration (3.39)
           Lesson 4: Google AdPlanner for Evaluation (4.37)
           Lesson 5: Competitive Analysis with Mixrank (5.44)
           Lesson 6: Filter Your list (3.57)
           Lesson 7: Highest Converting Ad Real Estate (5.01)
           Bonus Lesson: Practice Drill  (8.31)
           Action Document: Site Evaluation Checklist + Placement Recording
           Materials: Course Slides, Competitive Intelligence Explained


           Lesson 1: Setting up the Adserver with SiteScout
           Lesson 2: Setting up the Asdserver with Adshuffle
           Lesson 3: Using URL builder for Source Attribution
           Lesson 4: Using Google Analytics for Conversion Tracking
           Lesson 5: Setting up Tracking with Tracking202
           Section 1: Traffic Sources
           Section 2: Categories
           Section 3: Campaigns
           Section 4: Simple Landing Pages
           Section 4.1: Advanced Landing Pages
           Section 5: Getting Simple Landing Page Codes For PHP Redirect
           ***Section 6: Getting Simple Landing Page Codes For Javascript Redirect**Not Available***
           Section 7: Getting Advanced Landing Page Codes
           Section 8: Get Tracking Links For Direct Linking and Simple Landing Pages
           Section 9: Get Tracking Links For Advanced Landing Pages
           Section 10: Get Pixels/Postback Urls/Server-To-Server Pixels
           Section 11: Overview and Analysis Screens
           Section 12: Viewing Clicks With Visitor and Spy View
           Section: 13: Updating Subids (For conversions and reversals) and CPC Data

Mod 3:  Banner Design and Buy Negotiation
           Lesson 1: 6 Principles for Successful Banner Design (15.54)
           Lesson 2: Resources for getting Ads Created (12.41)
           Lesson 3: How to Host Ads and Why (3.53)
           Lesson 4: Strategies for Banner Creation (7.30)
           Bonuse 1: How to Use Site Appearance for Banner Creation (7.30)
           Action Document: Template for Writing Ad Copy
           Lesson 5: Direct Placement Negotiation
               Section 1: First Contact (2.37)
               Section 2: Quick Tips for Contacting Publishers (1.55)
               Section 3: Making sense of the pricing (2.36)
               Section 4: How to calculate your prices: (4.26)
           Bonus Lesson 2: Insertion Order Checklist (1.44)
           Action Document: First contact swipe, IO Checklist, CPM Calculator
           Materials: Course Slides

Mod 4: Landing page anatomy and optimization.
           Lesson 1: 8 Successful Principles of a Landing Page (4.39)
           Lesson 2: Landing Page Deconstructed (8.10)
           Lesson 3: Landing Page Case Study (7.41)
           Bonus Lesson: Standard Visitor Movement (1.05)
           Action Document: 20 point checklist for Effective Landing Pages
           Materials: Course Slides

Bonus Mod: Retargeting in your media buys.
   Lesson 1: What is Retargeting (3.19)
           Lesson 2: 4 Things You Can Do With Audience Data (3.41)
           Lesson 3: 5 Places to Put Your Audience Pixels (3.10)
           Lesson 4: 2 Common Mistakes with Retargeting Campaigns (2.25)
           Lesson 5: 4 Ideas for Quickly Building Targeted Audiences (3.43)
           Lesson 6: 3 Reasons to Collect Audience Data Everywhere You Can (2.01)
           Materials: Course Slides



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