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Resource Description: Managing Online Customer Reviews
Instructor: Martin Shervington

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Reviews are the most trusted word-of-mouth marketing available. That is, customers tend to trust businesses with more reviews. But how do brick-and-mortar businesses get customers to give feedback online? Learn the secrets to getting positive reviews, managing customer feedback, and responding to reviews for your business. Martin Shervington walks you through the steps to increase your visibility by using customer review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These tips will help you solidify a good reputation in both your store and online.

Topics include:

  Why you can't incentivize (pay for) reviews
  Claiming your listings on different review sites
  Understanding Google reviews
  Using Yelp to get more reviews
  Setting customer service goals
  Asking customers for reviews
  Handing out review cards in store
  Replying to customers
  Dealing with fake reviews

Table of Contents

0. Introduction 4m 28s
1. The Review Landscape 19m 45s
2. Understanding the Difference in Platforms 8m 40s
3. How to Improve Customer Service First 10m 51s
4. How to Get More Reviews 22m 52s
5. Managing Your Reviews 6m 18s
6. What to Do When Things Go Wrong 5m 9s
Conclusion 1m 13s

About the Instructor

Martin Shervington  has spent the past 15 years empowering others as an executive coach, personal development trainer, author, and marketing consultant. He is the founder and community manager of Plus Your Life! and Plus Your Business! He is also the author of several books, including Developmental Coaching and Peak Performance Through NLP.

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