Lynda – Mobile Marketing Fundamentals

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Mobile Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Advertising, Branding
Level: Beginner | Duration: 3h 35m | Released: Jun 26, 2014


Jump into the world of mobile marketing and reach customers on the go. Understand basic mobile marketing concepts and trends, develop a strategy that works for your business, and then implement and optimize the strategy following industry best practices. Mobile marketing expert Michael Becker shows how to prep your website and emails for mobile visitors, launch SMS campaigns, find development partners, advertise on mobile, and measure results.

Topics include:

   Understanding the mobile marketing purchase funnel
   Auditing your mobile readiness
   Testing your email and web performance
   Creating a strategy
   Establishing a basic mobile web presence
   Setting up a QR code program
   Building your mobile phone number database for an SMS campaign
   Planning a mobile app
   Setting up a mobile display ad campaign
   Understanding government regulations on mobile marketing

   1. Understanding Mobile Marketing
       Introduction to mobile marketing
       Experiencing mobile marketing
       The mobile marketing purchase funnel
       Understanding the customer journey
       Reviewing the mobile marketing landscape
   2. Establishing Your Mobile Foundation
       Auditing your mobile readiness
       Reviewing yourself and your company
       Testing your email and web performance
       Establishing a mobile-first strategy
       Setting objectives
       Evaluating your resources
       Identifying dependencies and roadblocks
       Creating a strategy for the future
   3. Mobilize Your Web Presence
       Establishing a basic mobile web presence
       Optimizing your email for mobile
       Optimizing your website for mobile
       Mobile optimizing example
       Getting local
       Measuring your website performance
       Setting up a QR code program
   4. Launching an SMS Campaign
       The value of messaging
       Key terms for messaging campaigns
       Illustration of an alert message campaign
       Setting up a messaging campaign
       Best practices for building a phone number database
       Building your mobile phone number database
       Measuring messaging results
   5. Building Mobile Applications
       Introducing mobile applications
       Planning your mobile app development
       App type considerations
       Device type considerations
       Platform and development tool considerations
       Promoting and marketing your mobile app
       Mobile app development example
       Integrating advanced app features
   6. Managing Mobile Advertising and Commerce Initiatives
       Introducing mobile advertising
       Executing a mobile display ad campaign
       Setting up a mobile display ad campaign
       What is tracking and measurement?
       Mobile advertising metrics by the numbers
       Mobile advertising metrics by the objective
       Integrating mobile commerce
       Creating a mobile coupon
   7. Regulation, Resources, and the International Perspective
       Understanding mobile guidelines and standards
       Understanding government regulations
       Embracing leading resources and tools
       Mobile marketing partners
       Partnership considerations
       Sourcing and working with partners
       Understanding mobile around the world
       Preparing for the future



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