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Jon Loomer – FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights

Facebook offers marketers a goldmine of information. Unfortunately, that information largely goes ignored.
Most marketers don’t look past the surface stats. They’ve never even opened an export file.
But I know that you are not one of those marketers. You want to increase engagement, Page Likes, website traffic and revenue by focusing on the metrics that matter.

You are the reason I created this course.
Here’s what you can expect:
Multiple sections of lessons, from beginner to advanced
Completely self-serve — Learn at your pace!
Written lessons
Video lessons
A daily assignment to hold you accountable
The option to subscribe to a different lesson emailed to you every weekday

With this course, I will lead you to Facebook Insights mastery. You cannot declare success on Facebook until you know how to measure it.
If you want to master Facebook Insights, this is the way to do it. I’ve helped countless marketers reach their ideal audience and grow their business online with the help of Facebook. You can, too! Join hundreds of others and BECOME A MEMBER TODAY!
Why Facebook Insights are GREAT
Facebook provides an insane amount of data that can help you optimize your content and be wildly successful on Facebook. But if you’re like most marketers, you’re only focusing on the surface stats.
When you ignore the metrics that matter, you’re throwing time and money away!
Within this course, we will do the following:

Define all relevant terms
Learn how to use the web version of Insights
Learn how to use Page Level Exports
Learn how to use Post Level Exports
Apply what you learned to optimize your content




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