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Jay Abraham - Abraham Factor Seminar Collection

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Three Types Of Entrepreneurs:Five Ways To Create BusinessWealth.
One Decision/Action Will Maximize All Eight!

Dear Friend:

What I am about to say will probably shock you. You may not like hearing it. But you’ll have to admit that it’s absolutely true. Recognize, also, that it significantly impacts all of your future prospects for business growth and long-term prosperity. Here goes…

There are three types of entrepreneurs in the business world.

   The people who are constantly making things happen
   The ones who watch things happen…and
   The people things keep happening to

No matter which of the three groups you may currently fall into, one thing is certain: You want your business to do more, have more, reach farther and achieve a lot more financial and business success.

The problem is—at all three places on the entrepreneurial “continuum”— most people don’t know how to move up to the higher (let alone the HIGHEST) levels. That’s where I can help.

If you are a mover, shaker, doer—someone who’s always committed to action, achievement and maximizing opportunity—I can show you how to broaden your scope of opportunities AND see your business at a higher, broader sense of what’s possible.

If you’re someone who tends to stagnate, contemplate and rarely initiate business growth activities or marketing expansion actions ----You need me to turn you from a mere business custodian into a business growth maximizer.

Just by shifting your thinking and focus, your business can quickly advance upward and forward at a rapid rate.

FINALLY—if you’re someone who operates your business timidly, reactively, non-responsively…OR you feel more like a spectator up in the stands than a player on the business field---I can totally change (no, make that totally transform) your thinking, actions and transactional capability.

Going from mediocrity to greatness as a business builder is probably the most exciting, fulfilling and engaging move you could make.

It will animate your business spirit. It will stimulate your intellect. It will re-invigorate your entrepreneurial side and get it going and growing --for the first time in a long time (or, perhaps, for the first time EVER).

My point?

I can help each category of entrepreneur move up to the highest levels of proactive, strategic business achievement attainable.

Stated differently; I can turn high performers and achievers into super performers and overachievers.  I can turn successful entrepreneurs into mega successful entrepreneurs. I can turn marketing green horns into marketing green berets. AND I can turn business wallflowers into confident, capable masterful marketers and powerful business builders.

Plus, no matter which of the three categories you fall into now, I can multiply your short and long-term accomplishments AND financial success. But it gets better………

I’ve concentrated my life work (as a business growth expert) on finding you the big upside leverage points that none of your competitors ever saw. I’ve focused my efforts on harnessing the powerful combined “profit forces” that business multipliers (working together in strategic combination) can make on your bottom line.

But, of all the breakthroughs I’ve uncovered---one still remains almost totally overlooked by every small to medium sized business owner I meet. Yet the moment you fully grasp the financial implications of this driving principle, your attitude about business building will be forever changed-------for the better. Your performance levels will skyrocket in the process.

Here it is….

There are five kinds of meaningful business wealth.

Most business owners achieve or possess none of the five. A few gain control of one or two. Less than 5% of all businesses (doing under $20 million) have at least three wealth sources working for them. Less than half that number (a mere 2%) have four of the five wealth elements in place.

And only a shocking 1% of all businesses I’ve ever looked at have all five wealth factors in play---driving their upwardly spiralling business success. Odds are great your business doesn’t have more than one of these working for you, either.

Obviously, you want to know what those five factors of business wealth building are, don’t you?

Got a pencil? Then write this all down carefully, somewhere where you can see and review it AT LEAST five times each day. Then make absolutely certain YOUR business activities and actions are all designed to incorporate and maximize all five of these in everything you ever do from now on. Here they are:

   The first determinate of business wealth creation is constantly increasing current income and profits. If your business isn’t multiplying its income, profit level and positive cash-flow every year--you can’t invest internally in more and better marketing or business growth activities. Nor, too can you have the funds to invest and finance a better lifestyle---or the outside investment opportunities that create passive income and significant net worth.
   Future income. If your business doesn’t have highly predictable, strategic, long term revenue-generating programming in place, that assures continuous flow of profits and sales well into the upcoming years---you DON’T have a business at all.

   You have a promotion! Big difference, here. One of my main focuses is on formulating recurring income streams, profit centers ongoing back-end sales systems that sustain and expand cash flow---and thereby assure your business won’t merely survive tomorrow…it will thrive!

   Windfall income. There is no business out there I know that cannot uncover a five to seven figure profit windfall within six months. But once you do that you can realistically start mining cash windfalls each and every month, by developing a 360 degree view of your business.

   These windfalls finance the critical marketing tests, research, resources, new product or service development, and personal indulgences you really need in order to engineer the level of growth potential your business is capable of reaching.

   By the way, want to know one of the unpublished secrets that “Think And Grow Rich” author Napoleon Hill found out about almost every great achiever he studied?

   They worked smarter than anyone they competed against AND they played harder, too. Many worked six months, then took off a month. Others worked four days and took off the next three. Still others worked a year then relaxed for three months. Do you think they were lazy? Of course not. But they inherently understood how to nourish and reinvigorate their creativity. That is the key to driving massive lifetime business achievement.

   Psychic/Emotional Wealth. This is trickier to grasp; but unfathomably important to achieve. Unless you have the certainty, confidence, peace of mind, vision, low stress, control, power, persistence, perceptiveness, high ethical standards and unstoppable drive you can’t possibly pilot the strata of unstoppable business growth and income increases you’re after.

   There is a scientific process you can use to quickly master the mindset elements I’m talking about in this fourth dimension of business wealth creation. Once you master how to triumph over all the mental obstacles—you’ll gain the ability to cut through all the diversions, inhibitions or impediments that have been keeping you performing at a fraction of your capability.

   Asset Wealth. Sadly few business owners ever build a business they can sell for a lot more money than they take out of it in a year. Yet a business’ asset value should be one of the major wealth creations you achieve from your business efforts.

   Seriously, if you learn how to create strategic marketing systems, processes and procedures that keep working harder and harder for you—people will stand in line for the “privilege” of buying it from you for five, ten, fifteen, even twenty times whatever income it pays you in a year.

   But you MUST have an asset-building strategy in place working in harmony with all the others for wealth building factors I’ve talked about above. Otherwise your entire business career will pay you less than 5% of the reward you could be receiving. People I’ve done this for have received paydays of seven, eight and even nine figures when they either got tired of what they do, retired or found a bigger/better business opportunity they wanted to move up to.

I want to help you harness all five business wealth building factors. We can actually transform your business strategy in just three day’s time. In the process, I can also take you to a much higher level of performance capability on the business continuum.

How can I do it for you? Through a breakthrough new three day business growth process called The Abraham Factor SuperSessions. It’s a cutting edge 36 hour long program I’ve engineered expressly for people wanting to move themselves up---both in performance level and business wealth-building skills.

This program is totally specialized, intensively and comprehensively focused only on the eight key business growth factors I’ve talked about in this letter. To help you clearly appreciate how dramatically different this program is from any other (and every other) program I’ve ever conducted, I’ve included a detailed 24 page syllabus. It actually explains in much greater detail what this indescribably powerful new process is all about.

If you want to propel yourself and your business far past whichever one of the three categories you are operating at now, read the syllabus I’ve enclosed. If you fear your business is not harnessing many (or any) of those five wealth building factors, definitely review the syllabus.

Once you understand the powerful transformation process I’m offering to take you and your business through in May—decide whether the result is something you’re really ready for. If it’s time to move yourself up in the business performance and wealth-building world, call Carl Turner at 1-888-818-8878 (USA) or 1-310-792-4600 (Direct). See if he thinks your business would greatly benefit from joining me in Anaheim, CA.

Three kinds of entrepreneurs. Five ways to build more business wealth. I hope this quick lesson in business building holds value for you.

The Details of What You Should Be Looking For
And DOING Follow Below

Again the syllabus enclosed contains a detailed explanation of the fastest way to transform your business life and financial future. Read it now to see how you can transform your business to ensure that you achieve the success you want and so richly deserve.


Jay Abraham

The Abraham Factor
Super Sessions: System
Overview Syllabus

How To Turn Your Ordinary Business Into An
Extraordinary Money Maker By Utilizing My
New Breakthrough, Fully Integrated
Business Building System


   Could my new, breakthrough, fully integrated business-building system be the answer to your goal of financial independence, business preeminence and personal fulfillment? I sincerely hope so. Please read on to explore all the critical details of (what promises to be) three of the most stimulating, invigorating and ultra-important days of your entire business life.

   (Actually, you’ll be inspired, educated and challenged for over an entire year, due to the generous bonus materials you’ll receive before the event -- and the 12 months of “follow-up” mentoring I give you AFTER this three-day event. But, more on this later.)

The Story Of A Singular Passion

For close to 30 years I have invested my life in helping ambitious entrepreneurs, just like you, amass money, fame and success. This singular passion has fueled my ambitions, directed my efforts and nearly occupied my every waking moment. It’s been what gets me up in the morning and what keeps me up until the wee hours of the night.

I don’t mention any of this to brag or in the hope that you’ll applaud my efforts and activities on your behalf. I only mention this to give you the proper context… so you can fully appreciate (and totally grasp) all I want to share with you today.

YES-- I believe the information contained in this system overview syllabus is that important and potentially life changing for you, your loved ones, friends, employees, business associates and your business.

Quickly Discover Bottom-Line Profit Multipliers

In this syllabus, I want to explain, highlight, prioritize, and systematize some of the insights, techniques and methodologies I’ve developed and refined that have been proven to turn seemingly insignificant factors (in your business) into monumental, bottom-line profit multipliers.

So, PLEASE, don’t dismiss or take lightly what I’m about to share with you today. Rather, I suggest you grab a pen, pencil or highlighter, pour your favorite beverage, and find a quiet spot where you can intelligently and thoughtfully review this information.

Consider this my personal consultation with you about the most important business in the world… your business. Are you ready to get started? Onward then.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


What happens if you’re traveling in the wrong direction?

Action is essential to business growth. But it must be calculated, focused, strategic action. Conversely, taking the wrong action can actually accelerate the failure of your business. Have you ever contemplated that sober reality? If not-- you need to.

The Secret To A Strong Finish

One of the foundational principles I’ve taught over the years is the utter necessity to move beyond the “shoot, then aim” mindset that plagues (and eventually haunts) so many aspiring entrepreneurs. Sprinting out of the gates is impressive. But finishing the race with poise, strength and in the winner’s circle is more impressive, yet. (Wouldn’t you agree?) Needless to say, proper strategy wins the race more than any other single factor.

That’s why my goal is to help you realize the profits you always knew your business was capable of producing… to trigger a phenomenal change in your results and your fortunes-- simply by altering your strategy.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it? You don’t need to start over. Instead, I want to show you what can be done – right away – with (and through) the business you currently operate.

Look, almost nobody bursts on the scene as an instantaneously mega-successful business and becomes an immediate multi-millionaire.  Businesses are built one strategic pillar… one marketing method… one profit center… one selling system… one new product or service… one additional revenue stream… one new distribution channel at a time.  You have your ups and downs. But the ultimate purpose of all you’re doing is to create as much geometric sales and continuous compounding profit growth as possible.

Ethically Amass A Fortune For Your Future

As you grow, you engineer as much value into your business as you possibly can to over-deliver to your marketplace.  In the process, you seek to amass as much money (now and into the future) as you can ethically put in your pockets.  As well you should -- you need to be able to deliver excess profits to create the security, wealth, long-term success and lifestyle you’re after.  

Right now things may seem complex. But once you find out how to turn the money multiplier switches on -- you’ll discover streams and rivers of newfound profits.

It’s been nearly four years since I came out with a new way to think, a new slant on business building, and an entirely new understanding of today’s “Meaning Of Business Life.” It’s been almost a decade since I was willing to create a new three-day, affordable training program designed to make people like you-- millions of dollars more over the life of their business career.  

A Breakthrough Event Designed To  Address The Challenges You Face
Needless to say, after spending the last four years in reflective thought, eye-taking research, cutting edge marketing activity and painstaking testing—I think you’ll like what I have planned for you at the all new event I’m holding in Anaheim, California this May 6-8. I’ve created this event to address the unique challenges businesses like yours face today. No ivory-tower theory here. Only the best, most effective and efficient profit generating strategies and systems integrated and optimized like they’ve never been before.

I’m excited for you. Because I believe you’re about to begin a wonderful journey. A journey that will allow you to discover your hidden assets, leverage your untapped opportunities and exploit your overlooked possibilities. Even if you’ve made millions of dollars from your business, you need to realize that there are exponential earning opportunities and growth possibilities out there that you can’t currently see.

It’s for that very reason, successful businesses still parlay my knowledge to help them grow their enterprises to even higher levels of impact, competitive superiority and profitability.

Confessions Of A Master Marketer

It’s true that I am a teacher, an educator, and a mentor. But most of all, I’m a business and wealth builder! I work hard to turn my specialized wisdom and knowledge into multiplied sales and profits for you.

Here’s why I’ve been so successful doing that very thing… I’ve had the very wonderful privilege in my professional career to be involved in 460 or so different industries. I’ve realized that people who spend a goodly portion of their lives in one industry tend to only know how things work in that industry – strategy-wise, revenue generating-wise, and marketing-wise, too!  

Now this is where things get interesting. Because, the unique approaches that almost any other industry uses could easily work sales and marketing wonders for YOUR business, too -- with a little tweaking and modification.
Let me give you just a small sampling of examples.

Does your company have a turnkey, ongoing system of generating referrals that you apply each and every day of the year? I have identified 93 unduplicated, result-proven referral-generating systems and strategies that you can use continuously to generate lots more clients.

Build A “Wicked” Good Marketing Arsenal

Did you know that about 40% of all businesses generate 100% of their business by referrals? Yet 30% don’t even get one referral a week.  If 100% of your business comes from referrals or word of mouth, but your business doesn’t even have one referral generating system (and “system” is the key) in place --- don’t you agree that there’s something wrong with this picture? There is absolutely no reason why your business can’t start getting dozens and dozens of referrals every month, or week, or even day.

Want another example? Did you know 5% of businesses out there drive most (or all) their business by direct mail?  If those businesses can generate virtually all their revenue, customers and profits from direct mail, what would happen if you added direct mail to whatever other marketing approach you use right now?  Yet you probably don’t do any direct mail at all.

Another 5% of all businesses drive most or all of their business through telemarketing. Yet you probably do little, if any telemarketing, either.
About 10% of all businesses sell using seminars, trade shows or workshop previews. Yet you probably don’t use those valuable tools at all.

Almost a third of all businesses generate most of their profits by some form of continuous, print, online, Yellow Pages, radio or TV advertising. But do you do any? And if you do, do you use the most powerful direct response techniques that make your ads really pay off as monster profit centers?

Scarce few businesses use infomercials, yet there are five kinds you have instantly available: 1) one-, two-, or three-minute long-form radio or TV spots; 2) 28-56 minute TV infomercials; 3) 30-minute radio infomercials; 4) print and direct mail “magalogues”, and; 5) Digital media (like DVDs or CDs).  If you think they’re beyond your reach, think again.

How To Make Your Business An “Unstoppable” Force

My message here is simple, really: A marketing approach or a selling method that’s as common as “dirt” in one industry can become the “Holy Grail Of Moneymaking” for you in your industry.  A mindset that’s as common as dirt in one industry can have the power, the profitability, and the impact of an atom bomb --- if you are the first (or only) one in your industry, field or market to understand it, recognize its powerful worth, and then incorporate it into what you do.

Then, if you add in other approaches and combinations from outside your industry, your performance levels keep on growing and growing. Your business can become invincible. Picture what you could accomplish armed with this knowledge.

And this is just some of the breakthrough concepts I want to teach you at my three-day Abraham Factor: SuperSessions Program, May 6-8 in Anaheim, California.

Discover-- in 36 insight-laden hours-- the strategies, tactics and power principles it took me nearly 30 years to collect, codify and refine. You will be absolutely thrilled with your new level of comprehension and business know-how. You have my word on it!

Here’s another fascinating subject. You’ve probably come to realize that people buy for emotional reasons and then justify their purchase with logic. But, there’s a very intriguing-- deeper understanding-- inherent in this discovery, which few business owners and entrepreneurs internalize and express in their marketing.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It?” More Than You Might Imagine
The heart of the matter is that all of us as human beings are looking to be loved and to feel “good” about ourselves, our decisions (and the outcomes those decisions produce). Do you want to revolutionize your business? Then I challenge you to dig deeper and to feel more passionately about your clients.

Here’s what I’ve come to believe. If you can’t, honest to God, fall in love with your client, you’re in the wrong business, or you don’t appreciate your business, or you don’t appreciate your own worth.

Listen. I’m not being metaphysical. I’m being so bottom-line serious it would shock you. This is the secret to richness in life at a level your pocketbooks and your heart will never imagine. This is the secret to my nearly 30-year quest to help business owners and entrepreneurs just like you attain higher levels of profit, performance and pleasure.

Love for you and dedication to your business growth is what has kept me fighting this noble-- yet exhausting; this difficult -- yet rewarding; this tiresome -- yet thrilling, battle all these years. The money alone would have never provided the motivation necessary to reach the level of experience and expertise I’ve attained.

Ask The Wrong Question And You’ll Get The Wrong Answer

Most people think, “What do I have to say to get people to buy?” Instead, I implore you to think: “What do I have to give? What benefit do I have to render? What value do I have to impart?” Realize that this has nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with sale shenanigans or huckster schemes. You must create value for others. Period. And the more value you render to others the more value you generate, not for yourself, but for your clients.
Please take this to heart. And in doing so, understand my deep respect and admiration for you, when you review (and hopefully decide to receive) the staggering collection of wealth creating and business-optimizing tools I’m handing to you FREE when you sign up for this groundbreaking event.
In all seriousness, the free bonuses alone are worth more than 20 times (I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ll let you do the math) the price of admission. And their profit-generating potential for your business dwarfs even that comparison.
I’m that serious about seeing you succeed. After investing nearly 30 years of my life to the understanding and refinement of these principles, I’m more confident than ever about my ability to help you reach staggering heights of success and financial profit. I see the big picture far more clearly than I ever have.  I’m aware of the unique struggles and challenges that confront you daily in your business. Not to mention, the common mistakes most businesses make.
Avoid These Common Mistakes When Marketing Your Business
Speaking of which, did you know I’ve documented 27 primary marketing mistakes most businesses make (there are plenty more). Understanding these common mistakes and avoiding them is another shortcut to business success. Sometimes what you / we choose NOT to do, is just as important as what we choose to do.

Do You Make These Mistakes In Marketing Your Business?  My Top Ten List of What to Avoid….

    Failing to test the key elements of your advertising
    Running institutional advertising
    Not differentiating yourself from the competition
    Never developing a back-end service
    Failing to understand your client’s needs and desires
    Cutting prices to solve problems, instead of educating yourself about problems  
    Not making doing business with you easy, fun and appealing
    Never explaining the “reason why” to your customers
    Stopping your marketing promotions before they start working
    Not specifically targeting your market

So how did you do? Did you discover some areas to work on?

Remember, this is just a small sampling of the mistakes I’ll cover with you. It’s alarming what we unconsciously do when left to our own devices. Vigilance and self-evaluation are critical factors to progress.

This leads me to another critical success factor that’s easy to overlook. Don’t underestimate the power of making seemingly small improvements (both in your business and in your personal life).

The Power Of Thinking “Small”

So excuse me if I openly challenge the current “think big” mantra. Surprisingly, it’s been my observation that some of the fastest and most impressive improvements in your business might come as a result of thinking small -- of patiently investigating pockets of your business few people take the time to break down and analyze.

Along those lines, let’s focus on a bunch of different very specific realizations, business factors, and marketing laws that you’ve probably never thought about before.  Let’s focus on finding your business a treasure-trove of hidden assets --- and these are not balance sheet assets.  They are intangible, overlooked activities, investments, resources, relationships, and connections inside -- and outside -- your business that you don’t maximize right now.

Discover Intangible And Overlooked Profits

I’m talking about under-performing activities you’re doing right now that you don’t even recognize are costing you lost profits every day by under-performing their true impact and bottom-line potential.

Take your advertising messages for example. Just by knowing how to construct them better, execute them better… how to articulate them more powerfully or persuasively… how to control their impact on a prospect or buyer ---- you can maximize and multiply their yield instantaneously (yes, literally overnight!) by 20%, 50%, 150%...even as much as 21 times MORE.

That means that the same time you spend… the same effort you make… the same opportunity cost you’ve unknowingly been wasting… the same financial expense you’re already bearing --- if applied differently, could now produce for you as much as 21 times greater payoff.

We’re talking up to 21 times more sales per ad or letter or catalogue… up to 21 times more leads and prospects… up to 21 times more referrals… up to 21 times more contracts, purchases, and sales… up to 21 times more repeat purchases --- if you learn to do things differently.

How Minor Adjustments Can Add Up To Big Profits

And just so I’m ultra, ultra conservative in my examples here…. what if changing your marketing approach would only produce 80% more improvement in results (instead of 2100%)?  Now for most businesses, given your fixed overhead, a “mere” 80% increase is probably exceedingly profitable. Conceivably it could double, triple, maybe even redouble again the profits you’d make.  

But at The Abraham Factor: SuperSessions Program, I’m going to share with you and demonstrate all kinds of real world ways that we can get you multiplied results — many times greater than an 80% input!  Just making some of these little adjustments will yield considerable results.

There is an element of risk involved every time two parties come together to transact business. Risk is like an invisible wall. It’s an obstacle that must be hurdled in order for the sale to take place and for the relationship to develop.
Imagine if you had to scale a 10-foot wall in order to eat at your favorite restaurant. Would it still be your favorite restaurant? Wouldn’t you simply find somewhere else to eat?

In the same way, you must remove as many financial, emotional and intellectual barriers that hinder people from doing business with you. By simply guaranteeing the outcome your client wants most, you assume the majority of the risk and make doing business with you a “safe” investment.

Why It’s Very Smart To Never Make  Your Customers Feel “Dumb”

Don’t pass over this too quickly. This is a big deal. And it’s one of the easiest and most profound ways you can separate yourself from the competition. And here’s the reason why… we all fear making a mistake when we make a purchase. We don’t want to look stupid and get stuck with something we didn’treally want.

Risk reversal helps people decide to act now… today… immediately. Otherwise, it would be easy for them to keep putting the purchase off, even if they truly wanted your product or service.

My Secret Weapon For Building A Strong Business

Personally, I’ve built my business by masterfully wielding this powerful, but often misunderstood principle. For instance, I realize that coming to my SuperSessions event in May is a big decision. That’s why I’ve included so many appealing bonuses, easy payment plans and a 100% money-back guarantee until 2:00pm the second day of the event. Do you see how I’m doing everything in my power to remove every emotional, intellectual and financial barrier to attending this breakthrough event?

Follow my example and help your customers feel “good” about the decisions they truly want to make.

Become A Walking “A-Z” Marketing Mastermind In 36 Hours

Frankly, I haven’t even scratched the surface of every strategy, tactic, principle, common mistake, philosophy, modality and business success formula we’re going to cover in explicit detail at the SuperSessions event in May.
Just know we will go into detail on such important considerations as: undervalued relationships; sales force creation; strategic alliances; joint venture partners; pre-emptive marketing strategies; developing an unique selling proposition; building a power Parthenon; copywriting; the advanced strategy of preeminence; brand repositioning; referral systems; key revenue system impact points; developing distribution channels, and so much more.

What Makes The Abraham Factor SuperSessions
Different Than Other Business Building Events?

Now I want to talk with you for the next few minutes, about some of the new breakthrough concepts and strategies I will reveal to you this May 6-8.
First, I’ve named this incomparable event “The Abraham Factor: SuperSessions” because it focuses on strategy’s key role today in marketing supremacy. Then it actually builds your business a fully integrated strategic marketing makeover game plan before you leave the event.

Key Benefit #1: Learn How To Focus On Strategy And Build Your
Marketing Supremacy

Second, this event not only lets you examine, evaluate and inspect each relevant piece of the marketing puzzle. It actually allows you to lock each of the pieces in place and leave with a complete, compelling detailed picture of what your marketing plan needs to look like.

This was one of my major goals and accomplishments over the past few years. I’ve never been at a loss expounding and imparting useable, proven, business strategies and tactics. But, it was a little more difficult handing each participant a big picture model suited to his or her particular business. I often felt people left with a fistful of concepts rather than a fully integrated game plan. Not this time!

Key Benefit #2: Walk Away With A “Big Picture” Marketing Model To  Quickly Build Your Business

Third, another defining feature of this event I’m excited about (because I witnessed its transforming power firsthand in its beta test Singapore and Australia versions) is the level of individual and group involvement. In the past, I witnessed so many people come alone to my events and leave alone from my events. They soaked in the information, but failed to make any lasting connections with their fellow business colleagues.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to realize the explosive role that encouragement, feedback and accountability from other like-minded individuals plays in your business development and success. Frankly, you’ll never reach the highest summit of success and accomplishment without the collaborative/constructive support of others.

So here’s what I’ve done to make this level of support happen at the SuperSessions. Every time we complete a two-hour segment, the group will share the different insights each person got. Everyone is there in collaborative contribution to one another. You’ll get to know everybody there, because you’ll shift tables every two hours and won’t ever sit with the same people twice.  

You meet and collaborate for two hours with twelve or fourteen different people. Then, at each break, you’ll meet at least ten more people and share with each one the biggest actionable insight you got from that previous session.  Once you are exposed to five hundred different perspectives throughout a three-day intensive weekend--it vastly broadens your mindset.  It’s like plugging into 500 people with 20 years experience.  It’s like 10,000 years of perspectives, all integrated together into one three-day experience --- a very powerful dynamic. You’re going to love this component of the event.

Key Benefit #3: Unleash The Explosive Force Of Collaborative Effort And
Gain A Truly “World Class” Business Perspective

Fourth, I’m going to teach you a process I call “reverse-engineering your business flight plan.”  We’re going to build you a totally reverse-engineered business flight plan on the last day of my program. It will be custom engineered to the lofty business achievements and earnings goals you’re after.  We timeline, we give you measurement metrics to base your progress and performance against, too!

It’s not a business static plan, but an action-based, demonstrable, time denominated, “self-adjusting” totally integrated game plan that your business can follow. On the last day, you are going to take it to your tables and they are going to judge you on it.  If it’s great you’re going to come up and present it to everyone. If it’s not, you’re going to come up and I’m going to personally improve it. Because this program is a very collaborative process.  

Key Benefit #4: “Reverse Engineer” Your Very Own Fully Integrated Business Flight Plan And Finally Achieve Your Lofty Business Goals

Fifth, this event will challenge you to new levels of personal success and accountability. We’re going to thoroughly investigate the three levels on the entrepreneurial “continuum” and help you realistically identify which stage you’re currently at.

   Stage One: The people who things keep happening to. If you’re someone who is reactive, timid and indecisive… you’ll discover the steps to become a confident leader.
   Stage Two: The people who watch things happen. If you stagnate and contemplate and rarely initiate… you’ll learn how to make the switch from business custodian to business maximizer.  
   Stage Three: The people who constantly make things happen. If you’re a mover, a shaker, a person committed to action… you’ll discover how to broaden your opportunities and take your business to an even higher level.

Key Benefit #5: Soar To New Heights Of Personal Development And Create A  Growth Strategy Uniquely Suited To Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Sixth, I’m going to teach you what I believe is one of the most powerful business wealth models I’ve ever developed. After our three days together you’ll be able to rifle in on the target 5 factors that determine true business wealth. They are as follows:

   Current Income and Profits. Learn how to multiply your current income, profit level and positive cash flow.
   Future Income. Develop highly predictable, strategic, long-term wealth generating programs.
   Windfall Income. Uncover five to seven figure profit windfalls within the next 6 months and realistically start mining additional windfall income centers from your business once you learn my easy system.
   Psychic/Emotional Wealth. Learn how to develop and enjoy the confidence, charisma, peace of mind, certainty, low stress level, poise, perceptiveness and power to fuel your journey of success. Far too many people pursue success, without enjoying the journey.
   Asset Wealth. Learn how to be rewarded handsomely (as you should be) by putting an asset building program in place and walk away from your business with a mid-six, seven, eight, even nine figure payday.

Key Benefit #6: Turn Your Business Into A Powerful Wealth Building
Machine And Create The Life Of Your Dreams

There is so, so much more I want to share with you about my revolutionary, new wealth building paradigm-- but it will have to wait until May 6-8 at the Abraham Factor: SuperSessions held in the ballroom of the beautiful Hyatt Regency Anaheim Hotel.

A Comprehensive, Results Focused Program— Two Years In The Making
It’s taken me almost two solid years to prepare what you are going to experience. I have designed this program to be 100% results-focused, comprehensive yet intensive, providing you with a group of 24 newly created grounding materials that I put together especially for this purpose.

And The Good News Is… It’s Only Two Months Away!

I can’t wait to see you there. I can’t wait to personally teach, mentor and meet you. To watch your eyes light up as you take these powerful principles to heart. To see the difference this knowledge will make in your business and in your life.

Experience Your Own Business Breakthrough… Today
Imagine the sense of confidence you’ll feel after learning these life-changing principles. The exciting news is… you don’t have to wait another day to experience this personal breakthrough in your life and in your business.

Because I have put together one of the most complete, compelling, insightful and inspiring pre-event grounding and preparatory packages you’ve ever seen. When you enroll in the program, you receive 16 of the 24 newly created grounding elements upfront. They’ll be there for you to study, to prepare, to get a clear-as-crystal understanding of all you’ll accomplish with this program.
And the best news of all is it will be sent out to you immediately after you call or fax Carl Turner.

But, before you call or fax, please allow me to describe in some detail exactly how this will work and exactly what you will receive. These resources will allow you to…

Out Think, Out-Earn, Out Perform and Out Class Your Competition Starting Well Before You Ever Attend…With Your Grounding Package
In order to ensure you race out of the starting line at high speed---even before you attend the event itself, I want to gift you with the most comprehensive “treasury” of priceless wealth-building materials I’ve ever showered on people attending one of my seminars.

It’s also almost ALL brand-new timely ideas, information and materials—that I’ve never given out publicly with any program before. Most of it was created in late 2005 and 2006!  Originally I thought I would explain what the value of each of these items were singularly and combined. If I were to tell you that the products below were worth $150,000 you would probably not believe me. So read the description for yourself and put your own pencil to work

Setting The Foundation

1. The first item in your grounding package is my “fast-track,” compression learning version of the Mastermind Marketing System. This 6 CD set shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets, and advantages you possess NOW in your business. I clearly demonstrate my time-tested strategies in a unique layered approach that will free you from business worries as they iron-clad your future success. When you’ve got things clicking with The Mastermind Marketing System, there’s no limit to what you and your business can do.

A Summary Of My Thinking

2. The second item I want you to have is, “What I Learned in 30 Years About Business-Building and Copywriting.” This report is something very important which I painstakingly wrote —just four months ago, at the request of a very close friend who wanted me to leave something profound for all future business owners to learn from. This document is short, sweet— and enormously profitable reading.  There is also an audio CD of this same information included for your convenience.  

Two Brilliant Minds On Controlling Your Future (Two Separate Transcripts)

3. Stephen Covey’s, Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People revolutionized the way people think of business.  I grilled Stephen R. Covey and his son Stephen M.R. Covey each separately for two hours - on two pivotal topics: The missing link in business and the secret to creating maximum trust in the market place. It was the first time anyone got Stephen R. Covey to translate his corporate thinking to the entrepreneurial market and his son to go deep and specific on the most important intangible leverage point left to master the market place today.
People told me both interviews stimulated more clarified thinking about growing their business in a stress-free proactive, turnkey way than any previous ideas they’d been exposed to. Decide for yourself. You’ll get the audio of two separate 90-minute interviews and the complete transcripts.

Priceless Demonstration Of How I Think,
And How You Can Think That Way, Too

4. Every year, I hold a $25,000 Strategy Setting Super Summit-type event.  In this seminar I do complete 1 ½ to 2 hour marketing makeovers of different businesses.  These are among the most intensive, comprehensive and illuminating strategy restructuring processes I have ever performed live. I’ve personally selected the five most revealing $25,000 makeovers and I’m sharing a confidential set of them all with you. It’s $125,000 worth of my specific consultative advice laid out for you to listen to. This collection can totally redirect your marketing mindset.  

Distinguishing Yourself And Your Business

5. Permanent Video presentation of the Strategy of Preeminence -- this strategy is the cornerstone of my business philosophy. It’s the foundation I use to engineer every marketing strategy, selling system, advertisement, promotion or marketing activity I ever devise. It’s my Top Secret Ideological Weapon To devastate, disarm and totally annihilate all my client’s competition. Your goal must be to make it the foundation of every single one of your marketing actions or business dealings, too.  Every single employee, member of your staff, or sales person must know, learn and fully embrace the material in this video. See for yourself---before you even attend.

How To Get Up To 25 Times More Results From Any Promotion

6. Sequential Marketing – A while back, I faced an incredible challenge in developing a specialized, high priced program.  People told me my list was dead and rigor mortis had set in. My response was to introduce the concept of super-strategic “sequential marketing.”  The story of how we took a dead list and brought it back to life selling more than $8,000,000 in less than a year—using only one sales person and selling another 1800 home studies at $2000-$5000 apiece can serve as an instant motivating example for any business that finds no response to its marketing.

My Confidential Guide To Sequential Marketing is filled with philosophy, strategy, tactics, answers to every question or issue you could have. Plus I include nearly forty actual elements we used to achieve this profitable marketing “resuscitation.”  You can model it instantly—the same day it arrives.

The Secret To Geometric Business Growth

7. The Three Ways To Grow Any Business complete with charts, examples and demonstration  This video IS classic Abraham. But people who learn how to master, then mobilize this elegantly simple formula—always skyrocket to the pinnacle in their industry. My bet is that you’ll watch this priceless instructional video once a week for years to come. Each viewing should easily put another five or six figure long-term profit into your bank account. See for yourself---before you even attend.

How Does Your Business Marketing Stack Up?

8. Prepare Yourself For Success Questionnaire – Whenever I work with one of my elite clients, I require they complete an exhaustive landscape survey of their business.  As you complete this survey, you’ll not only take a photographic picture of where your business is, you’ll also begin to build a picture of where you want it to go.  This 100 question plus questionnaire forces you to ask the really important questions about your business.  It analyzes your sales, marketing, promotions, strategies, mindset, metrics, mission, and shows instantly how much more is possible.

Wealth Building For Startups

9. Many people know my friend Robert Allen, the “No Money Down” real estate guru.  I recently shared three hours of serious thinking with 400 people on “Cracking the Wealth Code” at his $5000 seminar.  I laid out a step by step a wealth-building business plan that anyone can follow. (This component is designed for startups and people without a good business idea, product or service who need one.) One woman in the audience took great notes, went out and did what I advised and banked a windfall profit of over one million dollars as a result of this 3 hour program. That was just two months ago.  It’s perfect to create new profit centers, put your family or staff in a new business or develop a lucrative money hobby.

Your Strategic Marketing Master Game Planning System

10. I held a specialty $20,000 a person seminar called “Swinging For The Fences.” A hundred-fifty people paid for a specific roadmap, template-based business strategy/game plan model for changing their business. This same template-based planning document can redirect your marketing instantaneously. (electronic version)

The Key To Creating Great Business Wealth

11. Wealth Report – What does marketing, real estate, the internet, publishing, infopreneuring and stock market investing have to do with one another? They’re all interconnected. I did a two hour special session for a group of diverse opportunistic-minded entrepreneurs last year on how to harness marketing’s unseen powers to make many times more on any real estate investment, stock market speculation, publishing/information endeavor or internet offer you make.  All I can say about THIS document is that YOU must read it to grasp the amount of opportunity under your nose. (electronic version)

Seeing Is Believing!

12. 502 Incredible Case Studies – I asked 502 of my most successful recent clients and students to generously share with you their private success stories—in a case study format. This collection of nearly 900 pages is pure gold. Each business owner shares exact methods, mindsets, actions he or she took to produce successes of 40-10,000%. The best part is they conclude each story with their best reasoned personal recommendations of the actual lessons they’ve learned that they think you need to grasp and their advice for anyone wanting to model their success results.  WOW! (electronic version)

Fortune Building Direct Mail Lessons

13. The Multi Billion Dollar a year Direct Mail Industry has a secret weapon.  His name is Michael Fishman and he is the leading authority, advisor and most trusted “consigliere” to some of the richest, biggest direct marketers in the world. Accessing Michael’s knowledge in the field is incomparable. But better yet, his ideas are 100% translatable to almost any mailing, brochure, catalogue or e-mail you ever send out. You’ll want to pay attention to my interview with Michael. You’ll get the transcript of this groundbreaking interview. (Priceless)  (electronic version)

What You’re In Store For

14. The method to my madness? Wouldn’t YOU like to know—well before you arrive at my program---exactly what I’ll cover hour by hour, topic by topic, why I’ve chosen to include it, where I learned it, how it directly relates to YOUR specific business, and how each component interconnects to one another? Well guess what? I took the time in Australia to spend two and a half patient hours, laying the entire grand scheme out for people. I’d like to share it all with YOU, too---well before you ever attend.  (Priceless) (electronic version)

The All Time Classic

15. I wrote a classic book a few years ago—especially for people who couldn’t afford my $5000 an hour rates. I called it Stealth Marketing. It contained answers to the top 100 questions I’m most frequently asked. It contained solutions to the fifty problems I’m asked to deal with most to solve their problems for them. It included twenty-five strategies to exploit and capitalize on the biggest untapped opportunities the bulk of business owners totally overlook. I sold out of my entire print run at a staggering $1000 a copy. I’d like to gift you a collector-version edition as part of your grounding package---all well before you ever attend my program. (electronic)

Be A Fly On The Wall – 74 Different Times

16. When people have an insurmountable business problem, they hire me and pay me $5000 an hour to solve their problem.  I have only moments to dissect their business, diagnose their problem, and wow them with my solution.  Imagine how priceless tightly edited actual transcriptions of real-life actual $5000 an hour-quality private consultations would be! Only the names and confidential info have been removed to protect my past clients’ privacy. I run through 74 different businesses – each one facing its own unique problems. You are in the catbird seat as I provide breakthroughs for each business.  If you can’t find million dollar concepts to apply to your business in my consultation transcript book, have someone check your pulse.  

The Transformation Process Continues When  You Get Home With Your Take Away’s

17. You’ll get a massive binder with extensive explanations, exercises, definitions, templates, detailed instruction, follow-up and review sections. This is no vacuous item. It will probably end up at over fifty-thousand words, easily 400 pages, conceivably 8 hefty pounds and hundreds of ideas, advice, strategies and tactics of priceless and permanent reference tools to enhance and advance your business progress.

18. About 4 weeks following your extraordinary “live” Abraham Factor SuperSessions you will receive a massive 36-hour audio CD library of the actual event you attended. Unedited, unabridged, an unbelievable way to relive, review and re-share this extraordinary experience for years to come—for yourself and to share with your entire team.  Past attendees tell us that they use this valuable resource over and over again because:

   Repetition is the mother of skill and listening to the program tapes reinforces the concepts that were discussed during the live event.
   They realize their perspectives are changed and enhanced with each and every “listening.” They always take away something new and different that they can apply to their business.
   During the live event, the ideas, breakthroughs, applications and concepts which could be immediately applied to their business were coming at them so fast and from so many directions, that they were unable to keep track over the course of three days.  Even with them taking copious notes!
   They were temporarily overwhelmed with specific, targeted, “on point,” breakthrough applications, strategies and possibilities for them and their company.

Having the audios for posterity guaranteed them the ability to review, reflect and refocus on topics that they mentally missed during the event, because they got so excited/exhilarated by a previously discussed concept (which often happens at live events).

Note: For a modest additional charge you can also receive a complete set of DVD’s which you will receive 30 days after the program.  Plus, as you continue reading, I’ll show you how you can get these DVD’s for free.  And this final “take away” will take your breath away…

Group Mentoring, Coaching, Problem-Solving,  Masterminding Done Personally By ME and My “On Call” Experts

19. This Phase, all by itself, is realistically worth $40,000 in hard costs, but it has the potential of being worth many times that amount to you and your business.

Let Me Work Through Any Problems, Answer Questions, Solve Your Challenges, Identify Your Under The Radar Opportunities

The follow up can be the most important, useful and applicable component of the entire program. During this phase you’ll speak with my expert guests and/or me once a month for a full year!  This program could easily be valued at $40,000 alone. But based upon past experience, I think it’s absolutely essential to assure your optimum success.  

I like to refer to this phase as “Group Coaching.”  Although I may be a bit bold in my description, the effect is the same.  I know from years of personal experience with private clients that, left to themselves after the “live” session has concluded, the vast majority of participants will need help integrating their new mindset, my strategies and their business opportunities to yield the “optimum” success that is possible for them. This makes it virtually impossible to fall back into the old status quo.

12 Months Of 90-Minute Marketing Makeover Time With Me

For a full twelve months, I and other brilliant experts will give participants detailed directions, continuous encouragement, and my “take” on their own specific opportunities/deals so that they can begin to visualize on an ongoing basis how to apply my mindset, strategies and concepts.  This phase reinforces my concepts, gives you ideas to test and try, and examples that you can immediately apply in your business.  We will address questions and help you solve the difficult issues you’re getting more deeply involved with.  The calls will also help you to correct any problems or misapplications you may be making.

Quite honestly, if you actively participate in all the regular follow-up teleconference calls, it’s virtually impossible for you not to produce even more dramatic improvements in your execution, integration, application and implementation.

Your Business Can Be Our Next Success Story

   800% more orders! “The first month I applied your ideas to my high priced software, we sold 20 companies as opposed to 4 or 5.  That’s 800% more orders!  It made me, personally, over $90,000 more this year.  Plus I took my whole staff to Hawaii because we had such a profitable year.” Dr. Larry Andrew, Magnolia, Arizona

   $643,000 – 900% Increase! “After applying just one of his techniques, we sold $643,000 worth of products in 2 and a half months!  That’s a 900% increase in sales from just one technique.” – Michael Quinn, Simi Valley, California (later sold the company for millions and retired in his mid-30s).

   $200,000 extra profit in 6 months! “You are the best advisor I’ve ever experienced.  I have made over $200,000 in the last 6 months.” – Raymond Como, Real Estate, Pennsylvania

   $30 Million for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year! “I’m a rare coin dealer. I’ve paid Jay in the past five years approximately $500,000 dollars, and he’s generated for me somewhere between $25,000,000 and $30,000,000 worth of business. His techniques definitely do work.” – David Hall, David Hall’s Numismatic Investment Group

   $400,000 Extra Profit! “I told Jay, ‘This is ridiculous.  People aren’t going to respond.’ We netted $55,000 on that promotion.  Last year we had 32% increase in our gross sales that meant about $400,000 in extra profit.” – George Zangas, Vitamin Wholesaler, San Pedro ,CA

I have over 12,500 of these on file. But achieving YOUR success story is my biggest goal.

Apply The Abraham Factor To Your Business

The Abraham Factor will be unveiled for the first time on May 6, 7, and 8 in Anaheim, CA (in the Los Angeles Area). We’ll be spending hours and hours reinventing, renewing, and recharging your business. You’ll be the one to determine the size of the new paycheck you want to start taking home.
You Must “Out-Compete” Your Competitors. In other words, you must “Out-Market” AND “Out-Innovate” them.  And the Abraham Factor is your way straight to the top.  And if you have a problem, keep reading because I’ll share with you how you can participate in our home study program.

I’ve Cut The $25,000 Price Down to $5,000 to Make It Irresistible

Even though I was torn about pricing this seminar (I originally sold the first beta seminar alone at $25,000) I’ve decided your investment should be far less.  Again, I want it irresistibly appealing to attend. So you’ll pay just $5000 backed with…

Three Separate “Better-Than-Risk-Free” Propositions

I know that $5000 is still no small amount of money. So I’ll make the decision as easy, painless and as “risk free” as I possibly can for you.

“Better-Than-Risk-Free” Proposition #1: Pay Only AFTER You Profit
Since I know the power of the Abraham Factor Program…  Since I have 12,500+ testimonials attesting to the power of my past principles… And since I know that the people that I attract are going to be top quality business owners and entrepreneurs, who are really going to be motivated to put my methods into action and use, (and that you are not looking for mere “intellectual entertainment”)…

…I have no problem whatsoever, allowing you to pay me on very attractive, flexible, generous “deferred terms” --- Where Literally 90% Of Your Payment Is Paid After You Attend.

When you register, you have two options:

1) Pay $5000 upon registration. (The $5000 is fully refundable if you are not totally satisfied.)

2) The “Easy Pay Later Plan.”  I am requesting only an initial $500 now as a fully refundable down payment upon registration. The remaining balance gets to be paid in ten, $500 monthly installments – starting AFTER you have gotten back home from the program, for a total of $5500.

The Only Logical and Intelligent Decision You Can Make

A lot of people reading this letter may be struggling with a challenging economy, rising competition and diminishing margins. I have purposely priced THIS program low so that YOU can afford to attend.  And I am committed to help you to make a meaningful, significant profit each and every month after you learn and experience this program --- and my mindset.  So you can pay the cost of it out of the proceeds from the profits it earns.  I’m fine waiting until after I perform to be paid the rest.

“Better Than Risk Free” Proposition #2: Totally Risk Free Examination Of The Grounding Materials

I’ll even make it MORE irresistible.  If the grounding materials are not everything I say AND MORE… If they don’t give you stimulating ideas you can apply right away… If you don’t see the value, applicability and application of the strategies in your specific business or profession… call and tell us, and we’ll return your payment, & best of all…

You can examine all 16 priceless components in the Grounding Package --- up front --- as my way of saying thank you for considering participating in the program.  You can absorb millions of dollars of proven business secrets all before you attend. But if you decide The Abraham Factor isn’t for you, just ship your grounding package back and we part as friends, your money gets instantly refunded.

All I ask is that you enter into this transaction in good faith, just as we are doing with you.

“Better Than Risk Free” Proposition #3:
A Complete Money Back Guarantee Covers The Event Itself.

If, by 2:00 PM of the second day of the Abraham Factor weekend, I haven’t “delivered the goods” to your satisfaction (as you alone denominate it), you can just walk away – at absolutely no cost or disadvantage to you.  Just contact one of the on site staff, and we’ll promptly refund your money, no strings attached. (And obviously, the knowledge and learning that you’ve gained during the first two days is yours to keep and benefit from forever.)

It’s as simple and painless as that.  (You see, I pioneered the concept of “risk reversal” formula, a concept where the seller/supplier shoulders the burden of risk.  It’s one of the strategies that you will learn to use effectively.)

Invite Your Staff, Partners and Family To Join You, Too…

If you have staff, partners and family that you think would benefit from the program and you would like to have them attend with you, I am going to make you an extremely attractive “group offer.” You may feel free to bring as many people as you desire for an additional cost of only $2000 per person, payable at time of registration.  

People have told me how powerful it is to get their key team members immersed and on the same page by learning my mindset and methodology.

After Having This Training, Your Key Employees Can (and Will)  Be Part of Your Team.

Even more so, they will be passionately aligned with your new vision and plan of action for your business. In other words, they’ll become 100% enrolled.

A Home Study Option With Liberal,
Easy, “No Risk” Payment Terms.

Over the years, I have learned one important lesson:  There are two types of program participants:

Live program attendees and home study participants.  There’s no less importance to either.  They are just different types of participants.
The live program attendee appreciates the “live” dynamic… Likes to network… Wants his or her company to be an integral part of the interactive group dynamic… Wants to “pick my mind” literally…  Wants to be in the hot seats… Wants me to get to know them (and they want to gain a close personal association with me). Wants to sit at all the different tables & interact, collaborate, idea share, brainstorm, network...  It’s truly a powerful dynamic --- if you have never experienced it in person before.  If you have it’s something that only improves each time you encounter it again.

I submit--- The Abraham Factor SuperSessions will be the most defining learning experience of your business lifetime.

But then there is the totally different type of person who would rather do the program as a “home study.”  You may be one of these participants.  You are someone who wants, needs or values this program; but doesn’t have the time, doesn’t like to travel, can’t get away for that period of time or can’t currently justify the full expense of attendance and travel, even though I’m giving you very liberal terms.

Specifically for YOU, we’re creating a home study version of the program that will preserve the entire experience unedited and unabridged.
You’ll receive the same valuable grounding materials, the same Abraham Factor materials (just without the live attendance), the same massive 36 hour audio library, plus you are



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