Ice Cold Email Gold The Key To Getting Clients With Email Marketing Mastery [WSO]

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Ice Cold Email Gold - The Key To Getting Clients With Email Marketing Mastery [WSO]


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Get Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling... WITHOUT Face to Face Meetings...


Ice Cold Email Gold

The ULTIMATE Guide To Cold Email Marketing Mastery

Dear Warriors and Lurkers...

I'm not here to dazzle you with flashy graphics, a bunch of hype with an endless wall of text making outlandish income claims.

Let's just be real for a minute.

Most WSOs exist only to make the product creator money. Yeah, you thought the whole $4,521.78 in 4 hours was a good deal, you thought you could finally be financially free and not handcuffed by whatever situation you're in right now.

Sadly, it turns out you just wasted time, and money.

This guide is different...

Well, I'm sure it's going to make me money... but the truth is that if you apply what you learn, you will make money too. This isn't just about making money though, what you will learn inside is going to give you a tool that you can use to grow your business. The knowledge you gain, is not a get rich quick scheme but an asset you carry with you.

If you're thinking... "Well, I don't have a business".... then that's fine, this isn't a course for you. This is for freelancers, SEO consultants, web designers, those that are operating a B2B company that can benefit from email marketing. If that's not you, please don't waste your time reading it, or your money buying it.

I don't have time for nonsense.

If you don't have time to implement what is inside, and you're afraid to put things into action, and actually work for the money you dream about... then don't waste my time. Don't waste your time either.

Email marketing is a great way to generate new leads for your business. You can get client after client, with just using email. COLD emails.

I get it, you don't want to cold call. Telemarketing works, but does anyone really enjoy it? It's also impossible to scale when it's just you doing the calling. Combining that with email marketing, or just simply implementing a cold email marketing strategy for your business, can drastically increase your revenue, AND it's easy to scale!

The problem with cold email marketing

A lot of people think it's as easy as finding a few websites, sending emails through a contact form or the email address you find, but it doesn't work out that way. They end up frustrated, depressed, and still not bringing in new leads.

They end up getting their domain names blacklisted, IPs blacklisted, emails aren't going through, the ones that go through aren't getting any response. It's tough, and for those manually emailing, it's even worse.

In this guide...

I break it down, start to finish, everything you need to know, where to get the email addresses, how to stay can-spam compliant, how to send without setting off any flags, what to do to have a good delivery rate, how to clean your emails before sending, how to stay out of spam traps.

This guide is for those that are working with clients... and want to bring in additional leads.

I also include a couple email scripts for those offering SEO and Web Design services.

I also included a BONUS for those of you that buy... it's the Trip Wire Biz in a Box... basically, if you're already offering services, you can implement this one little strategy and increase your profits. If you're not currently selling services, it's a great way to get your foot in the door and make a little bit of extra money.

Is This Right For You?

If you're offering services, if you're trying to get more clients, and you take yourself seriously enough to put knowledge into practice, then this is for you. You can succeed.

If you're not there yet... no worries... this just isn't for you. This is for the people running a business. This is for people wanting to increase their client acquisition efforts. This isn't for people just looking for a gimmick.

If you're broke... don't buy this... go get a job.

If you're one of those people that buy everything then ask for a refund, this isn't for you. I'm not offering any guarantees, or any refunds. The product gives you knowledge, I don't want to sell to lazy people unwilling to put it to work.

This currently costs $27 and will be available for a limited time before increasing the price. If you're worried about $27, this isn't for you.

Besides JUST the BONUS #1 which is the Trip Wire Biz in a Box PDF.... I'm going to sweeten the deal.

For those that buy this week, you can also get access to an exclusive, premium Skype mastermind Group. That bonus alone... is worth the price.

See you on the other side.

Originally Posted by wolfieUK View Post
WOW iAmNameLess

Another home run .... Your last wso put money in my pocket .... Now this was a no brainer as although i know cold email might not be quite up to hitting the phone .... were close to a pretty good system now.

Yes its a numbers game but if you can solve a pain a business is having your going to start a conversation ...

our problem was how what when where and using what .... and you just freed our pain

Pretty difficult to review without giving to much away

but this is only thing ive bought of here this year ....go figure

PS...if for some bizarre reason this does not give you value the bonus skype mastermind will !!!
Originally Posted by dunkinbbb View Post
I purchased a copy of this - and quickly read thru it - it's multiple pdfs.

Nathan serves up an "inside baseball" version of how a pro does email marketing when looking for new offline clients.

Unlike many WSOs - or even more expensive courses - he supplies both the theory and best practices.

And everything rings true as coming from someone who has actually done what he is teaching - again, different from many other offerings.

Trust me - you - like me - even though I've done a lot of cold emailing over the years - will learn things you didn't know you didn't know about exact how to navigate the terrain.

And - to his further credit - Nathan has proven to be accessible for support and further questions as needed.


Originally Posted by larryt View Post
A real gem of a course with 4 PDF's, with a REAL GOLD NUGGET in his Trip Wire PDF.

I have bought other email courses and most are pretty much the same rehashed stuff, just presented in a different way. So far, not much "luck" with them.

The materials in this email "course" set it apart from all the others. Not only that, but Nathan has "walked the walk" so he know where the potholes, hills and curves are and how to get around, over and through them and he shares that extensive knowledge in this course.

The scripts available as "templates" are well thought out as well as actionable.

As wolfieUK said, it is hard to post a review without giving too much of the course away. That's because this course is almost all MEAT and very little BROCCOLI (I HATE broccoli!!).

Is it a "point and click" course? NOPE!! It is work, but with the guidance offered in this course, the work isn't too difficult or demanding for even a NOOB. The reward? IT WORKS!!

The Skype mastermind alone is worth the price of admission. Constant help and encouragement from and for everyone in the group be they NOOB's or experienced marketers, with Nathan's expert guidance.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for anyone having difficulty with getting their emails to work or wanting to start email marketing and not wanting to waste time and effort on courses that don't work.




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