Hot Button Marketing Barry Feig [mobi]

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Hot Button Marketing - Barry Feig [.mobi]

Read this and put it to use. - NC

This is an excellent book especially when writing web copy, ads etc. Helps you zero in on your prospects emotional buying habits.

"Consumers buy products for two reasons--the rational reason and the real
reason. While your customer may say they want your product because of
its features and benefits, their decision to buy is based on
emotion--not intellect. Hot Button Marketing shows you how to identify
and push the hot buttons that will prompt consumers to purchase your
product over a competitor's, even if it's a parity product! Filled with
tips and insights that can be applied at every stage of marketing--from
product development to one-to-one selling--Hot Button Marketing shows
you how to hit the sixteen hot buttons and get your product sold."



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