Green Screen Actors [FE + OTO]

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Green Screen Actors [FE + OTO]

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Add Real Actors and Models To Your Videos! (Save $1,000's and Days of Time)

Make Your Videos Look Like Pro TV Commercials
By Using REAL ACTORS To Sell Your Products!

☑ 18 Different Actors in all (Male and Female)
☑ Comes With Over 100 Different Videos!
☑ 100% Unique and Original Footage
☑ Over 10 Video Categories (Dancing, Happy, Angry, Shopping etc.)
☑ 1080p HD Videos (Ideal for Editing)
☑ Compatible with All Top Video Editors

Actors Sell Products! Theres a reason why most TV Commercials, Music Videos, Magazine Ads etc. use Real People (actors and models) to Sell their Products - It Works. People relate to other people Smiling, Dancing, getting Angry and Frustrated.

So if it works, then why isn’t every marketer using real actors in their videos? Simple: its too expensive and time consuming. There's a lot that goes into planning, organizing and executing a professional Video Shoot. So we decided to do all the hard work for you. Introducing "Green Screen Actors"...



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