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E-commerce Best Practice Compendium (Graham Charlton) [$695.00 pdf]

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Author: Graham Charlton

Pages: 99
About this report

This report contains more than 170 valuable tips to help online retailers to improve the e-commerce user experience and maximise conversion rates.

It is split into three broad areas:
Site search and navigation

The report looks at best practices for e-commerce navigation and site search, including the effective use of drop-down menus, and how retailers can improve site search.
Product pages

This section has plenty of useful tips on how to use video, copywriting and reviews more effectively, and also looks at some examples of great product pages from online retailers.

For example, Direct Line used a swipe button for the iPad-friendly version of its German homepage.

It's an action that iPhone and iPad users are very familiar with, and this led to a 9.23% increase in registrations for a quote:

The checkout process

Once retailers have persuaded the customer to add items to their baskets and head for the checkout, it’s vital that the process is as frictionless as possible to minimise abandonment rates.

This section outlines the common reasons for checkout abandonment, and looks in detail at how retailers can avoid some of the common obstacles which deter shoppers.

Once you are in the checkout process, what would deter you from completing the purchase?

This advice all comes with a caveat: though we can make
recommendations, and there is much to be said for following existing
best practice in this area, the best approach to web design and customer
experience will vary depending on the type of website and the customer

Therefore, we would recommend that online retailers test different design approaches to find the combination that delivers the best results for them.

Table of contents

   About Econsultancy
       About the author
   Site search and navigation
       Drop-down menus
           Usability issues with drop downs
           How customers activate drop-down menus
           Mega drop-down menus
           Examples of drop-down menus
           Tips for improving drop-down usability
       Site search
           Why do retailers need site search?
           Search box design and placement
           Site search results pages
           Learning from site search data
   Product pages
           Why your product pages need video
       Consumer reviews: examples and best practices
           Why you need customer reviews
           The SEO benefits of reviews
           Bad reviews are valuable too...
           How to attract reviews from customers
           How to present reviews and ratings
       Calls to action
       Product page copywriting
           Why product page copy matters
           What are the ingredients of great product page copy?
           Five examples of great product page copy
       Reserve and collect
           Why offer reserve and collect?
           Tips for improving reserve and collect services
       Examples of great product pages
   The checkout process
       The issue of registration
           Example: HMV's checkout registration issues
           Consumers hate registration: the stats
           Approaches to registration
       Checkout abandonment
           Deciding whether to shop on an e-commerce site
           Reasons for abandoning sites soon after arriving
           Avoid the dreaded error message
       Why should you enclose the checkout process?
           What is an enclosed checkout process?
           Reasons for enclosing the checkout
           Examples from retailers



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