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Eben Pagan - Guru Traffic Intensive Summit

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Eben Pagan’s Guru Traffic Intensive Summit, as the name implies, covers a comprehensive guide on how to generate much-needed traffic for online businesses.

This training program emphasizes the elements needed for winning the attention of potential customers and bringing them to a business website. Basically, according to Pagan, there are 5 factors that influence a customer’s buying decision:


Pagan believes marketers should learn how to harness those emotions – in sequence – and channel them into the sales process. The way marketers position their product or service is crucial in addressing these factors and eventually convincing customers to commit to a purchase.

Some of the other topics covered by this training are as follows:

   The 5 Skills You Need to Dominate Any Marketing Channel
   Six Human Motivation Formulas That Get People to Take Action
   How to Prove to Customers You Can Get Them Real Results
   How to Discover Your Customer’s Ultimate Influencer
   The 10 Master Attention-Grabbing Communication Formulas
   The Secrets of a Successful Sales Sequence
   Writing a Powerful Headline with the 10 Most Powerful Words in the English Language
   Creating Content that Generates Traffic, Leads, and Customers
   The Elements of High-Converting Design
   The Highest Leverage Marketing Channels (and the Secrets to Taking Advantage of Them)



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