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Debbie Drum – Speedboat Print Publishing

Putting Your Full-Color Book in Print is MUCH Easier Than You Ever Could Have Imagined!

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Here’s What You’ll Get:

Step by Step instructions on how to publish Full Color Print on Demand Books on CreateSpace

Free Template Resources – Never Pay for A Template Again!

Formatting Image Training (it’s very different from digital books). Includes Images Sizes and Proper Formats

Extensive Image Training (It’s the most important part of this entire process)

Exactly how to format images so your document is the best and highest quality – ERROR FREE (You are not going to impress your friends or customers with poorly formatted books and blurry images – I’ll show you the right way to do everything!)

Case Study – How not to want to pull your hair out during this process like I almost did (Microsoft Word could be making changes to your documents that will cause your books to look bad and have errors, I found the source of the problem so you can avoid it!

Physical Book Covers: How To Create Print Book Covers and Back Covers….and I introduce new and unique ideas for Back Covers that no one is doing

$297 Bonus: PowerPoint Profits: PowerPoint is a hidden Goldmine. You’ll discover the latest Public Domain Sites for FREE images, How to create children’s book Book Trailers, and Even Children’s Video Books!

Another Bonus: Print Platform Differences: Authors are always asking me about the differences between the print platforms like LULU, Ingram Spark, etc. This bonus answers those questions!



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