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Over the weekend I watched a video on Facebook from a marketer who just finished a "big launch" and there was just something 'off' about him.

I'm sure this guy does great work for the people who pat his back...

And who knows... maybe his products and trainings are the most valuable thing ever to grace the internet.

That's not the point.

The one thing that really put me off?

His face was ragged...

... and I could tell his soul was empty.

It wasn't the words he was saying...

It was the look in his eyes.

He was tired.

He was alone.

And I could almost guarantee that if he COULD stop living 'launch to launch'... he would.

He even rubbed his eyes and made this comment:  "...just got off this huge launch so I'm completely exhausted... but we made 6 figures, so it's ok."

^^ THAT is why I despise the 'endless launch cycle business model'.

Justifying exhaustion and emptiness for a check.

I've never seen someone who lives 'launch to launch' have a lifestyle I actually want.

Even more... I wouldn't want that lifestyle for my family, or for you.

My chosen lifestyle is a bit more chill than that.

Every day I get up, take my kids to the school bus, work out, send an email to my list, help out a few clients, and then call it a day.

Every month my income goes up a bit.

And I'm not tired.


The bigger problem with these 'launch to launch' business models is what it does to your audience.

I'm in someone's audience just as much as you're in mine now.

So when I'm on Facebook and see ads for the launch of the week...

Then the launch ends...

I know there's a new launch just around the corner.

Launch by launch...

Dollar by dollar.

Penny by penny.

A little bit of trust is eroded.


Maybe you think this is the only way - and what you're being sold on the next launch is really the 'TICKET' to your freedom.


You don't want this sort of business at all, but still want to make a nice living for you and your family...


If you're like me?

You love simplicity and predictable profits.

This is how to get it... while creating loyalty, and trust with your audience.


Back in 2011 I started paying attention to what a very small group of people were DOING, rather than what the masses were SAYING.

I started to ignore the endless launch cycles.

And chose to start paying attention to what was truly getting results for me, my family and my clients.

Because the one thing getting results was not about video, massive back-to-back launches, webinars, live-streaming or any new 'tactic of the week'...

I simply built an email list and sold quality stuff with words.

No videos, no big launches dependant on affiliates, no multi-tiered funnels...

Just email.

And an amazing thing happened.

Over the course of a couple years writing 2-3 simple emails a day, selling my own products and seeing what actually worked (and what didn't).

I got pretty damn good.

So good the old affiliate companies I was promoting at the time HIRED ME to write all their emails.

Fast forward a couple years, and we've used these same email principles to write promos that have pulled in $98,000 in 96 hours...

... all using a simple email system.

We've helped clients turn stale, boring emails into promotions that command their lists to buy from them... ethically... without burning out their tribes with launch after launch.

And our students have created life-changing results just using emails.


If you're knee deep in marketing mud, following every launch and getting nowhere -- hoping that next $10,000 mastermind is the big answer to your family's financial troubles...

And you feel like you're being burned?

If you know you're being played for a fool and treated like a dollar sign?

It's time for you to step up and control your income with email.

To help you...

We've put our proven response-boosting strategies and principles into a simple, fast paced and 100% action-focused workshop called:

"The Email Profits Boot Camp"

Inside this fast-paced, 4 module boot camp, you're going to discover how to quickly and easily gain an unfair advantage no matter what you're selling, even if you've never felt that breakthrough moment with your email marketing.

Even at $297 where we used to sell this course for it was a steal.

But you're not going to pay anywhere close to that...

As A bonus, You're going to get the COMPLETE "15 Minute Emails" Report which even the most prolific email copywriters are devouring...

Like John:

If you've been building an email list but aren't getting the sales you want...

And you finally want to discover how to turn your emails into cash using the most ethical, response-boosting principles?

Here is a taste of what you'll learn once you're inside the Email Profits Boot Camp and the complete "15 Minute Emails" Report:

   THE ONE PROBLEM EMAIL WILL NOT FIX: If you're using "proven" email principles, have a quality list and are still not getting sales? I can virtually guarantee you're suffering from this profit-killing mistake. (Fix this fast... Module 3, Lesson 4)
   THE TRUTH ABOUT EMAIL STORY-TELLING: Does it really work? or is it a fad that's run it's course? See Module 3, Lesson 5.
   Why this weird 30 minute daily activity is the quickest, easiest method for your emails to reach the next level... resulting in more sales, customers and $$$ in your pocket!
   Why you should not feel guilty selling a LOT (and aggressively) to your list and how to wrap your pitches in intrigue, curiosity and entertainment which breaks down the BS meter and opens the floodgates for sales.
   How to inject scarcity, urgency and rarity into your emails to command more sales... (you can do this even if there's an unlimited supply of your product or service... ...plus a quick response-booster that works for last-minute promos)
   When horrible writers are the perfect email marketers. Module 3.
   The absolute worst way to welcome your new leads to your list and a proven 7-step on boarding email flow that turns skeptical subscribers into loyal and trusting buyers.
   QUIZ: 100 people get your latest email. One decides to buy today and another waits a year. Why? (5 questions you must answer before your call to action.) Module 3.

   Keep reading.

   You'll get this answer ... and much more... inside...

   For now:

Just imagine yourself sending an email by this time tomorrow, and getting PREDICTABLE SALES.

... and imagine in the next 10 minutes you can be watching me break down every part of a powerful email sequence (in detail)...

... watching as I reveal the same knowledge I've only shared with private clients who demand the most ethical sales, persuasion and conversion strategies available.

This is what the Email Profits Boot Camp is all about.

I take you by the hand and walk you through a series of proven sales conversion principles, and...

For only $47, you'll discover, and profit from...

... secrets like:

   The odd (yet incredible) "Shibuya Viewpoint" that you can use to creates massive responsiveness from your list. (Module 1)
   The ONE SINGLE EMAIL that can produce more sales in the shortest amount of time... send this copy and paste email 15 minutes from now and see your inbox flooded with new inquiries as soon as tonight!
   Want to eliminate your toughest competition? Even make them irrelevant? Send this email in your first 3 days and they're as good as gone.
   How a "skinny-fat" weight loss coach used an advanced (and surprisingly simple) strategy to connect with with his audience in a way they loved so much they started THROWING MONEY AT HIM!
   Why using audios, videos and live webinars in your marketing may be the BIGGEST MISTAKE you're making unless you know THIS first.
   Want to eliminate your toughest competition? Even make them irrelevant? Send this email in your first 3 days and they're as good as gone.
   How to use the "Social Gap Method" to convert sales with testimonials... even if you don't have any... yet.
   When to engage in pillow talk with internet trolls and how this dirty habit could be the answer to your next winning email campaign (it works. you've gotta see this.)

   When being an a-hole is the perfect profit-boosting technique. (Module 3, Lesson 4)
   How to re-engage your existing email list and uncover your subscribers immediate problems, so that you can provide fast solutions and “engineer sales”
   How to use the world's 6th largest website to ethically spy on your prospects so you can observe exactly what they’re saying about you and your competition…

   ... more importantly HOW they’re saying it.  

   HINT: Want product ideas and engaging offers that will sell FAST? Then this is for you!

   And when you couple this with…
   The "Pepsi vs. Coke" sales copy formula that turns internet trolls into your best source of product ideas (most of my personal emails come from this one tip)
   Tracking your open rates and click through rates is important, right? Wrong! Module 3 explains why.
   Just the tip: How to give away value that and attract buyers instead of freebie-seeking time-vampires.
   The amazing subject line factory that hands you attention-grabbing subject lines that get your emails OPENED...

   On the topic of subject lines...

   If you believe your subject is the most important part of getting your emails opened, think again.

   Truth is, there's one part MORE important, because aside from being loud, resorting to hype and tricking your subscribers into opening your messages...

   The main goal is to be a welcome guest and that's where you'll use this, combined with...
   "TRUST BUILDING ON FIRE": This is an age-old life insurance sales trick that puts you in the "long lost friend" category (rather than the salesperson slot) so you can turn a distant sales message into kind of a quick, casual, talk over coffee.
   Struggle to find new ideas to write about? What if your target audience could write emails FOR you?

   Lesson 4 in Module 1 reveals how to come up with interesting, engaging and SALES-GENERATING emails that immediately connect DEEP inside the mind of your subscriber (in fact, they'll write your emails FOR you).
   Are you making this CRITICAL mistake in your marketing? If you are (I was only 3 years ago) -- you're losing 85% of your sales... Lesson 3 in Module 1 will help you fix this TODAY.
   IS THIS LEGAL? I couldn't believe it, but this website gives you virtually unlimited data on what your audience reads and watches, who they listen to and even how likely they are to buy from you! (if you've ever wanted the "inside-track", this is as close as it gets)


There is a LOT covered inside and to make it digestible, I have split the content up into simple 5-10 minute videos:

Here's what you're getting inside:

   Module 1: "2X Your Sales Email Formula"...

   Bring your buyers out of hiding once and for all... ($497 Value)
   Module 2: "Audience Captivation Method"...

   Learn how to speak directly to the core desires of your audience, and have them BEG to buy from you. ($397 Value)
   Module 3: "Email Copywriting Mastery"...

   Discover how to structure your emails for maximum impact ($427 Value)
   Module 4: "Automatic Authority Formula"...

   The 7 step email sequence we use every time we "launch" a new product for one of our preferred clients... ($2,500 Value)

   This is an ethical, evergreen way to add a new product to your mix, and get the maximum impact from your next promotion.
   BONUS: 15 Minute Emails" Report:

   "How to sell anything, to anyone, in any niche, in just 15 minutes a day ($49 Retail Value)

Yes, I'm Getting The Complete Email Profits Bootcamp Now! Click Here To Start Your Order
As you can see, there is a lot covered.

And to make it accessible to anyone, I'm offering you this complete email mastery program for only $47.

I just spent that filling up my car with gas.

Yes it was premium fuel.

And that's what you're going to fill up your emails with.

Premium sales.


If you've decided this is for you, the second you click the green button, enter your regular details and place your order...

   You'll learn the art of finding, connecting and converting your audience in to sales...
   You'll quickly, easily and effortlessly come up with new angles and approaches to your message which I guarantee you've been overlooking in your marketing...
   You'll have the words to position yourself as a trusted AUTHORITY, which makes your subscribers buy immediately and repeatedly...
   PLUS... you're now in control of your business once and for all - not relying on anyone to sell for you -- you'll be the one in command and in demand.  



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