Dan Kennedy Phenomenon Workshop Orlando 2009

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Dan Kennedy - Phenomenon Workshop - Orlando 2009


Phenomenon Foundations

Understand the main components, origins, key discoveries and 5 premises behind the Phenomenon through stories about the sort of people who've experienced the Phenomenon and what can be learned from them.
Phenomenon Triggers

Discover what the universal triggers are & how to best identify & apply them to create your own Phenomenon.
Phenomenon Marketing

Find out the BEST Speed Marketing Strategies and identify opportunities for using them in your own business. Include Speed Triggers you can apply to your marketing, an expansive list of ideas and Six Keys “To the Next Level.”
Phenomenon Liberation

This module is all about breaking FREE! Break free from trading hours for dollars, break free of price, understand the critical concept of price elasticity, and the kep points of leverage. Dan takes you through an exercise to alter your harmful thoughts about money along with the beliefs that stand in your way.
9 Strategies for Getting it All Done

Take action and build momentum FAST. Dan gives you nine strategies to boost productivity, build a high performance team and keep you on schedule to reach your goals. Plus he takes you through an actual exercise to help you get started, eliminate “speed limits” currently in your way and condition yourself for success.
Phenomenon Plans of Action

Implement your Phenomenon Plan immediately with an action plan laid out before you that only requires you to fill in the answers applicable to your own business. A simple strategy that can be duplicated over and over.
Dan Kennedy’s Phenomenon Online Training

Instantly access the entire Phenomenon Training online from any computer anywhere in the world with your own personalized access code. Delivered in short bite-sized segments. Includes Take Action workshop booklet.



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