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Conversion Cheatsheet - Jeremy Reeves

Expert marketing strategist and split-testing specialist
Jeremy Reeves reveals...

3 "Underground" Conversion Secrets Every Business Owner Must Test Immediately...

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Here’s everything you’ll receive when you invest in “The Conversion Cheat Sheet” today…

   The Conversion Cheat Sheet (Value = $497) – Open it up, implement one of my 101 conversion-boosting secrets, and watch what happens. Each tip is written in a format that allows you to get it implemented within minutes.

   Insider Secrets Of A Split-Testing Freak (Value = $37) – This interview is jam-packed with the insiders secrest I’ve acquired over YEARS of working with multi-million dollar clients. Like everything I create, there is ZERO fluff. In fact when I got off the phone for this interview, the person interviewing me told me it was the single most content-packed interview she’d ever done!
   The Conversion Cheat Sheet Mindmap (Value = $17) – A customer of mine created this mindmap just for you so you had a way to have ALL 101 conversion tips in an easily accessible place. You simply open up the mindmap, choose the one you want to implement, and get ‘er done!

   The “Everything You Need To Know About Split-Testing Videos” (Value $97) – These videos combine the knowledge I’ve spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears to figure out… into a handful of easily digestible and understandable tidbits you’ll need to get started.

From: Jeremy Reeves
To: Business owners looking to increase conversions

Dear marketer,

My name is Jeremy Reeves, and I'm a split-testing specialist.

My life revolves around figuring out ways to make things sell better. Good products only, of course. I get up at 5:30 a.m. every single day, and work 11 hours every single day... studying this craft.

However, let me back up for a minute and give you a quick insight as to why I am where I am today and why it's so important to listen...

Growing up - literally as far back as I can remember - I seemed to have a gift for understanding and connecting with people. I was the kid who for some reason, everybody came to for advice... even way back in the years of elementary school when Sally was mad at John for pushing her down... even though John secretly had a crush on her.

For whatever reason, people simply came to ME whenever they had any kind of problem. Whether the girl they liked didn't like them back, or they just got in a fight with one of their friends, or a teacher scolded them and they were upset... they came to me.

What I later realized in my life was that people did that because of one simple reason.
I UNDERSTOOD What Made People Tick...

For whatever reason... I've always had a deep interest in understanding why people acted a certain way.

That interest eventually led me to get a degree in Psychology where I honed my chops for understanding human behavior even deeper. Eventually some magic force pulled me into the field of business, which is where REAL psychology comes into play.

In business, I could make it my life's work to study people and understand how they "tick".

This skill has done pretty well for me too.

Understanding how to persuade others to buy products has led me to working with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs such as...

Here are a few of the amazing clients I've recently worked with.

   Robert G. Allen – Author of one of the best-selling business books in history, "No Money Down"

   Mark Victor Hansen – Co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series

   Brad Fallon – Internet marketer & founder of several multimillion dollar online businesses

   The Natural Health Sherpa – Leading alternative newsletter publisher Jeremy Reeves clients

   Loral Langamaier ("The Millionaire Maker"wink.gif

   Tim Sales – Millionaire network marketer

   Than Merrill – TV show host

   Dave Seymour – Real estate investor turned TV show host of "Flipping Boston"

   Tom Venuto – Fitness legend

   David Lindahl – Real estate mogul

   Biscayne Labs – A leading alternative health direct mailer

   The guys who used to manage the well-known band "Guns n Roses"

   Jesse Cannone – Back pain expert

   Mike Lovitch – Brilliant internet market

   Several Inc. 500 companies……

   Mike Litman – Co-creator of 4 different multi-million dollar companies jtfoxx

   JT Foxx – Internationally known as the worlds #1 wealth coach… owner of 41 different companies including several which are multi-million dollar businesses themselves

     Kim Flynn – Business coach for women

     Bel Marra Nutritionals – A leading alternative health direct mailer and online publisher crazyegg

   CrazyEgg – The industry leader of online eye-tracking and heatmapping technology

   clicktale Clicktale - #1 Internet leader of website usability and web analytics, Clicktale

   A wide array of brick & mortar businesses such as accountants, dentists, dry cleaners, electricians, realtors, martial arts studios, personal trainers and more…

   … and MANY more 6-7-8 figure online and offline business owners!

I'm also a certified partner of Visual Website Optimizer and have been certified as an optimization specialist by MecLabs.

Between the tests I've done for both myself and my clients - I've been able to test and experiment with tens of millions of dollars worth of research and testing.
You Can Say I Have
The "Ultimate Playground"

You see... I charge my clients 4 to 5 figure fees to be able to test my wacky ideas and see how they affect conversion rates.

Since I have clients in all types of different industries, I get to see what works in various major industries as well as small niches.

Over the past several years I've had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest business owners in the world to get results such as...

One landing page I created currently has a 75.73% conversion rate

A sales letter I wrote is currently converting at 8.3%… with an upsell of roughly 30% on a $197 product

Another one I wrote (one of my side projects)…is converting at about 4-6%, depending on the traffic source

Another landing page I wrote converted at 60%… for a money-making product!

One client hired me to re-do his salesletter in a niche who hated to part with money… and I doubled his conversions…

A salesletter I re-wrote for 1 client ended up giving him a whopping $10.25 earnings-per-visitor…

A dry cleaner client had me rewrite his magazine ad – my new version DOUBLED his previous results…

Another client asked for my help to lower his cost per lead, and I cut it in half with one simple tweak…

A recent product launch of mine pulled in $36.24 earnings-per-visitor...
(Disclaimer: Not all clients experience monumental improvements. Results vary for each individual person using my strategies. For a full disclosure, go here.)

Here's just one example of what I've learned through my "testing playground".
Conversion-Booster #1:
The Decoy Offer

It's called the decoy offer strategy and it works by manipulating the human mind. Since it's so powerful I only recommend using it for GOOD purposes.

To demonstrate this, let me ask you a question...

Use the decoy offer strategy on ANY sales page and watch your conversions skyrocket...

Is a $25 bottle of wine expensive?

The answer is a trick question.

It depends on what it's being compared to.

For example if you're looking at one menu with 3 bottles of wine - $10, $12 and $25... $25 is expensive. But if that same bottle of wine is being compared against a $50 and $200 bottle of wine... it seems cheap.

You can apply this little psychological trick to the way you position your products if you're offering more than one option on your sales pages.

Let's say you're offering 2 options.

One is the bronze level for $47.

The other is the silver level for $97.

You obviously want as many people to buy the silver level. What you could do to boost your conversions on that is to add a decoy offer which offers just a little more than the silver level, but you charge $197 or $297 for it.

People will look at that price and think... "WOW, the silver level is a bargain!"

It works incredibly well.

Another little secret I've discovered is what I call...
Conversion-Booster #2:
The 20 Second Audio Secret

What you do is this.

Instead of having some generic, lack-luster description such as "we respect your privacy" like most people do on their shopping cart page (if anything at all)... what you do instead is create a 15-30 second audio explaining the DETAILS of your security.

Go into full detail…as much as you can muster.

The more "technical" you make it sound, the better. When I did this for a client, it got him an immediate 10% boost. And it took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Of course, every result is very different. It might do nothing for you. It might increase conversions 30%. You'll need to try it and see how it works for our own site.

(Go here for a full disclaimer)
Conversion-Booster #3:
Follow Up With Interested Prospects

Have you ever visited a website, been interested in buying a product, but the timing wasn't right for some reason?

The same thing happens to the majority of people visiting your site.

For someone to buy, you need the motivation (i.e. the want to buy) as well as the timing to both be correct. If timing isn't right, they'll leave and most likely forget about you.

That's where retargeting comes in.

Retargeting allows you to "follow up" with people who were interested in your product but for some reason didn't buy.

Problem is... most people do this COMPLETELY wrong.

What you do is simple.

Step #1: Go into Google Analytics and look for the most common traits people display before buying. Maybe they scroll down a certain percentage on the page. Maybe they're in a certain country. Maybe they stay on the page a certain amount of time, etc.

Step #2: Create a retargeting tag based on those criteria, and followup with those folks via banners and text ads to get them back to your site, giving them a great offer!

It's a great way to stay in touch with interested prospects while reducing your customer acquisiton costs.

Those 3 sneaky little tricks are ONLY 3 out of 101 conversion boosting tips I recently put together in a course I call...
The Conversion CheatSheet: 101 Easy-To-Implement Ways To Improve Your Conversions And Profits

This course literally combines my many years of in the trenches experience that I charge many thousands of dollars for...

...and puts it into an easy-to-follow format that allows you to literally look at a tip and implement it immediately to see how it works for you.

Now look, I'm a "no-fluff" kind of guy.

I don't know about you but I HATE getting books or courses and having to sift through 100 pages of fluff just to get to the meaty, actionable content.

That's why this course was written in a way that LITERALLY allows you to open it up, pick a tip, and implement it.

There's absolutely ZERO fluff... just real, proven ways to help increase your conversions.

In fact you already know just how easy it is to take my secrets and profit from them because I just gave you 3 of them.

Here are just a TINY handful of the tips and strategies you'll discover inside "The Conversion CheatSheet":

   The 2 word phrase which boosts email CTR...

   A little-known script you can use on landing pages which takes 10 seconds to implement...

   The sneaky little question you never knew which determines your success or failure on ANY page with a call to action...

   PROOF that most "gurus" are WRONG about where to put your opt-in forms... and how to determine exactly where yours needs to go for maximum conversions...

   A simple email open rate strategy to increase how many people open your emails...

   How to use silly little "doodles" to increase your conversions in both online and offline...

   The shocking truth about your order process... and why it's stealing up to 70% of your customers!

   A step-by-step system for creating the "ultimate guarantee" which can increase your conversions by while reducing refunds...

   How to increase your price without lowering conversions (Tip #47) ...

PLUS, You'll Also Discover...

   The one-line telephone script which gets people excited to buy your product...

   Why super-high conversions might actually be hurting your business... and why sometimes you can INCREASE profit by purposely lowering conversion rates (tip #51)...

   The simple video introduction you can use for your video salesletters even if you don't know a THING about copywriting...

   A little-known website which GUARANTEES an increase to your PPC clickthrough rates or you never pay a dime...

   Tip #69: 10 fun, event-based promotions which you can create in just a few hours and can exciting newwindfall profits to your business...

   The nasty little secret Amazon discovered which increases conversions almost every time...

   How to create "effortless referrals" which act as your own private army... selling your product 24/7!

   The 1-4 page automated letter which creates happier customers, happy to spend more money with you...

   How to setup the PERFECT webinar offer for maximum profit...

... and much... much more.



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