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Consult and Profit - Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush

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HURRY! Get in on the System that’s PROVEN to Show You How to Close More Deal For a Huge Income Boost! — Expires Soon...
Plus — When You Act Before the Timer Ends, You’ll Get the Chance to
Come to San Diego to Work 1-on-1 with Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush!

Here Is What You Will Learn Right Now On This Incredible Free Training Webcast...
NOTE: the replay has a “scroll bar” at the bottom, so you can just go ahead and fast forward to any part below that interests you. (You’re welcome!)
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15:40 - Ed shows you the key mindset hack to finding new clients now.
16:30 - Ed shows you perfect system for closing new deals (and it requires no “selling” at all).
20:25 - Together we show you how one student launched her consulting biz from scratch into a $10k deal, then within a year had 6-figure business. (Oh...and she never even intended to become a consultant).
24:55 - Ed shows you the 5 best business models to start or grow this year. (These are based on real deals have come in over the last 36 months).
26:20 - We show you a case study of a former high school principal who is consistently closing deals between $5,000 and $35,000.
29:05 - Ed demonstrates the fastest way to make an extra $10,000 right now.
30:00 - Mike conducts a live demo of the new “6 Figure Text Message” System that’s been responsible for $8k, $18k, $29k, and $70k deals.
38:20 - Ed taught word-for-word the 8 words that automatically close deals (and he’ll show you how to do it without sounding pitchy, salesy, or hypey).
42:10 - Ed shows you 5 sure-fire ways to get customers and clients to come to you. (In other words, you can say goodbye to pointless cold calling, prospecting, and “networking” lunches.)
46:35 - Ed breaks down the 6 key Consulting Pricing Models so you know exactly what to charge on your next deal.
48:45 - Ed tells you how to answer the question, “So what do you do?” (Admit wish you had a better way to answer this one.)
53:55 - Ed unveils the brand new “Yes Before the Yes” Technique that flat out guarantees you’ll close more deals for more money.
56:10 - Ed explains the difference between a coach, consultant, and advisor...and how you can easily ascend this ladder to get people to pay you for your ideas (instead of your time).
59:55 - Ed shows you the copy-and-paste scripts you absolutely need in your marketing arsenal. (You also need these on your hard drive...ok...we’ll explain!)
1:00:45 - Ed shows you the 8 key things you need in your consulting toolkit. (NOTE: you need all 8 to get paid what you’re worth.)
1:06:15 - Ed and Mike randomly digress on the difference between North and South Korea and how this one “lesson” can be the difference between being prosperous (i.e. 7-figure prosperous) or broke (as money coming in now...or ever). Seriously...we really did this.
1:11:00 - Ed walks through the ground-breaking / done-for-you material inside of the “Proposal Toolkit” - a system that contains everything you need to set up and profit from a consulting business...even if you’ve never consulted before.
1:26:45 - Ed unpacked a new system we are teaching called “Money Phone” that’s already responsible for 6-figures in deals!
1:32:00 - Ed and Mike revealed the MOAB - the “Mother of All Bonuses” - a chance to come in and work with Mike and Ed in a small group (i.e. 15 or less) here in San Diego. Crazy good bonus. Crazy good.
1:37:30 - Ed and Mike reveal the price, payment plans, new bonus, and the guarantee.
1:43:25 - Ed and Mike continue the training with a round of Q&A.



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