CONSISTENTLY Hitting 100K+ Month With Physical Goods Don Wilson [2 MP4]

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CONSISTENTLY Hitting 100K+ Month With Physical Goods - Don Wilson [2 MP4]

Useful for outsourcing, especially if you are just getting started with it.

File 1 - 2015.mp4

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In the above video you will see me write a job description
from scratch for a designer. It’ll show you that rarely do
you need, or want to use, templates to hire team members.
I know this topic isn’t sexy. But it’s critical.

Without a designer to make you a quality product you are
going to be stuck with something like fiverr. And, there is
nothing wrong with fiverr. Sometimes you can get a great
design or two on fiverr. But, you’ll never get someone who
can reliably get you X amount of designs a day. Every single

A reliable throughput of quality designs is what all the
big boys have. I’m talking send your designer a few phrases and
a quick 2-3 sentence blurb of instructions for each and that
designer sends you back 15-20 designs a day. Every day.
That’s what it takes to consistently make it. Great targeting
and consistently great designs.

This training will show you how to get those designers.

File 2 - Filtering+Hiring+Test+Job.mp4

That video will go through the applicant filtering, inviting,
interviewing, test job building, everything.



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