Christian Mickelsen – Get Clients Today & Client Getting Emails

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Christian Mickelsen – Get Clients Today & Client Getting Emails

What took me years and years of struggle, study, innovation, testing, and trial and error to figure out, I’ve been able to share with others to help them get astronomical results way faster and easier than I ever did.

Here’s some of what’s in this book that will help you get clients and share your blessing with the world...

• A simple three-step process for getting clients
• The three critical success factors for having amazing financial success in your coaching business
• Marketing secrets to get clients faster and easier than even before
• The “Client Surgeclient surge” process
• Five ways to get a rush of new clients within seven days
• Powerful “Client Getting Email Templates”

If you wanted to, you could actually take action on just a few ideas from this book and get clients within the next 24 hours.



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