China Import Formula Products Compilation Brendan Elias

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China Import Formula Products Compilation - Brendan Elias

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This is one of the most extensive packs of information on importing from China that you'll ever get your hands on or need. There's a bunch of testimonials and other info on the main site here:

If you want to get fast results with importing and build a profitable business sourcing products from China, then our products can definitely help you.

China Import Academy (Value: $997)

Insider interviews with importers, trade consultants, customs agents, insurance experts, shipping brokers, marketers and more. These video and audio interviews come with workbooks which are organized into an easy at-your-own-pace home study course.

Foundations (Valued $1,997)

Everything starts with foundations. If you’re a beginner importer this will be the first video course you should watch. It covers all the essentials of importing from China. In this course we will cover selecting products, locating factories and avoiding scammers, shipping your good from China, legal ways to avoid customs and taxes and much more.

China Import Blueprint (Value: $2,997)

Our newest program revealing our latest and advanced strategies on importing from China. Over two full days we filmed over 15 hours of live footage from a range of experts including ex-customs officers, importing experts, shipping advisors, warehousing experts, marketing professionals, accountants and many more. We let no stone unturned and ensure this program will educate the beginner to the advanced importer.

FREE China Import Formula Seminar

Spend 3 full hours with me and learn how to launch an import/export business! You will discover how to avoid Chinese scammers, finding hot products, shipping your goods safely and much more!



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