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Charles Floate - The Best WordPress SEO Strategy

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In my 3rd eBook released to date, I'll be showcasing a WordPress SEO Strategy that I've developed for over 7 years.

An Introduction to This eBook

I'll show you exactly how to use the world's most popular CMS to dominate Google, using just 5 plugins, a very specific site structure and dive into more advanced OnPage strategies and black hat techniques.

In this eBook you will find:

The PERFECT WordPress OnPage Optimization Strategy
How to Speed up your Website in 5 Minutes
Advanced WordPress OnPage Strategies
Advanced Black Hat WordPress Techniques
Find out what I took years to learn, in just 30 minutes.

WordPress Out The Box

We all know it's full of duplicate content issues, bad theme-based settings and requires several plugins just to get a good sitemap and input meta data.

In this eBook I'll show you my EXACT strategies on how to optimize everything within this fantastic CMS, all within just minutes... No Fluff - As per usual with me.

Silo Structure

As a warm-up to this book, I recently released a free Silo Structure video, explaining, in detail... My way of doing Silo Structure, I recommend you check it out before buying this eBook:



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