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Brian Horn – Authority Newsjacking

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New Training Reveals A Bleeding Edge Technique
To Directly Inject Your Business
Into A Trending National News Story
Read Below To Learn How We Consistently Keep Our Business In The News And
In Front Of Prospects...And Why This Makes Them Want to Buy

I'll Also Show You How To Inject Your Message Into A Breaking News Story And
"Ride The Wave" To Generate An Avalanche of Media Coverage
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

For the first time, I'm revealing how we've redefined the relationship between entrepreneurs and the national media we want so desperately to write about our business.

You may have been there...sent out a press release about something really cool you were doing in hopes that a reporter would run with the idea, and write a powerful article for the world to see.

You sat back and waited. Kept refreshing the press release reports, hoping to see a huge spike in coverage. Checked your Google Analytics stats to see a surge in traffic that would convert into a bunch of new customers.

But nothing happened.

And it never will if you keep trying to play the game that way.

It just doesn't work like that anymore.

...but that's actually a good thing.

What if I told you there was a way to bypass the journalists, and directly inject that powerful journlistic style article right into the national media?

Sound crazy? It works, period.

Read below to learn how you can pull your business out of the shadows, and finally get it massive exposure in the national news...and directly in front of your prospects?

Brian Horn
You can get national media exposure anytime you want;
and you don't even need a journalist.

Strange, but absolutely true.

Think about it...the media landscape for entrepreneurs has totally changed.

The real goal should be two things:

Well, we cracked the code on delivering those 2 things anytime we want, without having to hope some journalist will run our story.

...and not just for ourselves, but for our clients too.

And now I invite you to take advantage of what we've learned writing and distributing thousands of stories in a style we call "AUTHORITY NEWS JACKING."

If I could show you how to get news about your company published on national media sites anytime you want, that will in turn give you...

• Unlimited exposure on high traffic national media sites, that will keep your business in front of (and in the minds of) your prospects

• Powerful expert positioning you can use in marketing for years to come

... is there ANY REASON you wouldn't want to know about it?

You get full access to this brand new training. In it, you'll look over my shoulder as I show you how to create AUTHORITY NEWS JACKING style releases for your own business (or even make BIG FEES from your clients).

In fact, I'll even give you access to our web based software that will help find trending stories in your industry, and even write the headline for you!

It's even broken down into Video, MP3, PDF Transcripts, Checklists and Slidedecks so as soon as you sign up today you can start generating authority exposure in just minutes from now!

Here's Everything That's Included

In this session, I'll show you how to present yourself as an authority and savior to the deepest fears and unmanageable pains of your ideal prospects.

Celebrity sells. Period. In this training, I teach how to ethically "borrow celebrity" from any superstar you want, and tie in to news about you and your business.

You've seen articles where an expert makes a bold prediction about the future of an idustry. I'll show you how to be the expert in those type of stories, and leverage it for powerful authority positioning.

You know those happy stories at the end of the local news each night? Or the inspirational stories that spread like wildfire on social media? In this session I teach you how to create those about your business.

This is our secret formula for sharing our success stories, and those of our clients. This is very different from what you seen in typical press releases.

Within the next 2 weeks, we'll have a live Q&A call where you can ask me any questions about this system you want. I can help you decide on your first topic, help craft the hook, or even answer questions about how to monetize the story you've already written.

For each session we give you various ways to consume and learn the content. We have you covered!

Our own web based tool that will give you access to trending stories in your industry, AND help you craft a compelling title for your release.

We'll give you steep discounts on our own syndicaiton service, specifically designed for authority positioning. However, you can use any syndication service you want. No restrictions.

This is EVERYTHING you need to know in order to inject your business - OR YOUR CLIENTS' BUSINESS into the national news and leverage it for authority positioning.

But as I said before, this doesn't just work for us...but for our many clients too.
So Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

"Big Shout Out To Brian Horn...used a tactic from the Authority News Jacking Training Program that inked me a deal last night increasing the value of my company by a $1 million!!

Had a press release seen by an industry publication on Monday, they did a story on my company on Tuesday, Private Equity Firm in NY saw the industry article on Wednesday, they reached out to a behind the scenes industry powerhouse they invest in to contact me yesterday morning who tracked me down and we signed a deal last night for their technology!




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