[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly June 25 2017

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly - June 25 2017

This is a BHT Exclusive. Sharing this off-site will get your account banned for life.

Note: These guys keep changing names and formats of these updates. Three names changes and it went from a newsletter to a podcast to a webinar format. With that said, the webinar format is just some slides that are in the PDF anyway so that's what we will be posting. It's quick to consume and I'm just naming these torrents "Total Wealth Insider Weekly" because they can't get their shit together with their names and formats. lol - NC

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Under Armour: Off to a Good Start

This week, I’m delving into the portfolio, including what’s happening with:
Our new recommendation in Under Armour (NYSE: UAA). This trade hit your inboxes on Monday, and it’s already up a couple of percentage points.

Stericycle (Nasdaq: SRCL), and why it’s momentarily down 12%. Zach D. emailed me about the position this week, so I go over it in detail. Thanks for the question, Zach.

Our gold-mining stocks: Goldcorp (NYSE: GG), Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE: WPM) and OceanaGold (Canada: OGC).

Tortoise Energy Infrastructure (NYSE: TYG), and how crude oil’s weakness has played into our trade.



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