[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly July 23 2017

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly - July 23 2017

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Start of the Next Golden Bull Market

After weeks deep in research, I just put the finishing touches on your August edition of the newsletter.

As a bit of a preview, I just want to tell you that the new recommendation has — in many ways — the best of all worlds for us.

It’s about making money from something we’re all familiar with — water — and it’s a fantastic play on international growth and a weak dollar.

This is a great opportunity that I don’t want you miss out on, so please make sure to read the new August edition, which you’ll receive in the next few days.

Then I discuss Goldcorp (NYSE: GG). I want us all to have our eye on an upcoming event … because it could signal gold mining stocks are about to take off again!

I also cover AES’ (NYSE: AES) promising performance this week, how Under Armour’s (NYSE: UAA) shares are waking up — and I highlight Nidec Corp. (OTC: NJDCY), which is up more than 40% in the portfolio. If you’ve been participating in these gains, a big congrats on a job well done.

Lastly, I touch on Grizzly Short Fund (Nasdaq: GRZZX) — and why my confidence in the fund is so high.



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