[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly August 27 2017

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[BHT EXCLUSIVE] Total Wealth Insider Weekly - August 27 2017

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This News Sent Our Copper Stock Flying

I’m thrilled to say I just put the finishing touches on your September edition of Total Wealth Insider.

Your next monthly pick is in a company set to profit from a $1 trillion boom in the cyberspace. And I see it grabbing 100% gains — or more — within the next 18 months.

With that said, let’s turn to this week’s portfolio update. Today, I discuss:

My market view: I believe the markets are set for a deeper sell-off in the coming weeks. So it’s time to start preparing your portfolios if you haven’t already. Remember, our Grizzly Short Fund (Nasdaq: GRZZX) is a valuable tool for this.

I also look into the mailbag and highlight some of your emails. One that caught my eye is from Rob, who wonders if we’re entering a “greater depression.” I’ll tackle that question today. (By the way, Roy and John, thanks for introducing yourselves. It’s great to hear from new readers.)

I then cover the climb in our copper mining stock, Rio Tinto (NYSE: RIO). Some news from China has been boosting copper’s price — great news for us. Let’s go ahead and use this opportunity to raise the trailing stop to the break-even mark: $42.93.

Lastly, I touch on Wheaton Precious Metals (NYSE: WPM) — which I’m moving to a buy — and South Jersey Industries (NYSE: SJI), which is up nicely this week.



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