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The Dollar Vigilante Dispatch - January 2016 Edition

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Wow, what a jampacked issue. Hovering around 60 pages, it’s one of our biggest and covers a lot of ground.Of course, it should be comprehensive given the horrible start to the new year, the worst-ever for markets.

Founder Jeff Berwick’s Vigilante’s View provides us with an efficient but thorough perspective about what’s going on around the world, from insider politics to stocks to gold to bitcoin and more. We won’t spoil it, but Jeff, unlike most, actually understands the reasons behind the latest serial disasters taking place in the financial world.

Hint: It’s not just investments, of course but includes elements of Shemitah and the current Jubilee year. What’s going on now is going to have a long-term impact on every part of your life and wealth. If you don’t understand where the pressure is coming from and what the real plan is, you’re going to be caught by surprise, and in an unpleasant way.

To help you protect yourself, the latter part of Jeff’s "View" focuses on solutions such as bitcoin and international diversification that can provide you with critical GLOBAL allocations abroad. TDV Offshore’s Paul Seymour is in charge of this program. Please read his column and then contact him while he still has a little time. He’ll also be at our upcoming conference on February 18th for more in detail questions.

Another savvy professional who decided he just couldn’t handle the mainstream financial world anymore is Ed Bugos, our very own gold analyst and general economic"and splendid" interpreter of global Tea Leaves. Ed’s insightful and clinically accurate approach to anything having to do with gold is legendary.

Ed has some persuasive evidence to relate regarding an impending precious-metals breakout. At times like this, multi millionaires are minted and if you listen hard to Ed and understand the painfully gathered insights he’s presenting, you just may end up with a substantially expanded portfolio.

Of course, in order to comprehend what’s necessary to make progress in this confused world, you’ll have to avoid the nattering of the boob tube and its horrible talking heads. But before you do, you may want to take a look at Redmond Weissenberger’s "Memory Hole," below, which explains the season’s wretchedness as well as anyone can.

Let’s also hasten to mention the wonderful interview and the libertarian profile towards the back of the letter. These features never disappoint and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them. As always, thank you for being a part of the TDV family.



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