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Sovereign Society Total Wealth Insider Newsletter - February 2016 Edition

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The Sovereign Society has changed the name of their Sovereign Investor newsletter to "Total Wealth Insider" and content will be focused on a broader range now. See the notice below about the changes. - NC

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When we first published the Sovereign Investor monthly newsletter more than a decade ago, we created it to be a go-to source of independent, uncompromised research that would give you a unique edge over the average investor, particularly in terms of teaching you how to get your assets and your wealth protected and working for you outside of America.

Despite the Fed's misguided decision to raise rates for the first time in about a decade, and despite the media crowing about growing jobs numbers, this is not a healthy economy. That's why I write a report for you each month, giving you an inside look at the unique global investments to help you build a new way of life despite the chaos.

But it's clear such strategies aren't found only overseas. There are many valuable strategies available here at home, even on domestic stock exchanges, that we can use to achieve a richer, freer and more prosperous life.

With that in mind, you will notice a transformation in the direction of this newsletter. From here on out, I'm broadening the scope of our content. Now, I won't only show you the opportunities that exist in overseas markets — I'll be focusing on helping you take advantage of all the opportunities I come across in my travels, be they international or domestic.

That's why we've renamed Sovereign Investor, calling it Total Wealth Insider. I feel the name reflects the comprehensive nature of my recommendations going forward. I'm also making some adjustments in the portfolio to reflect the new direction, so I urge you to take a look at this issue to see what's being revamped.

I know that Total Wealth Insider may have a new look and feel, but the information and research will be just as effective and even more actionable. I'll still be covering a lot of the same great alternative investment strategies you've come to expect for prospering during these troubling times — from green energy companies and gold stocks to real estate recommendations and currency plays to the opportunities that exist in easily traded markets overseas.

With Total Wealth Insider, we'll just have more access to the wealth-building opportunities lying in wait out there. So when you get the chance, please take a look inside the February newsletter and see what I mean.

All Hat, No Cattle

The Fed has truly stepped in it.

The supposed economic recovery lifting the U.S. has proven to be little more than flashy headline numbers touted by the media and Wall Street pundits with no real substance. The manufacturing sector has shrunk and high-pay, middle-class jobs have been replaced by low-pay, service-sector jobs.

The U.S. is facing an economic slowdown that will be made all the worse because the Federal Reserve opted to raise interest rates just as America was tilting toward recession.

In this month's issue, I examine why the U.S. is poised to fall back into recession and how the Fed's next step could very likely be a rate cut. With an economic downturn on the horizon, I have identified a region that will outperform the U.S., particularly if the Fed is forced to shuffle backward with interest rates.



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